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Slip and Fall While Pregnant | What Can You Do?

Women perceive pregnancy as both frightening and exciting. Pregnancy brings about changes in the body which might affect the balance due to weight gain, protrusion of the belly, or relaxing soft joint bones. All these bodily modifications resultantly change the center of gravity of the body.

Due to these changes in stability, there are chances of slipping and falling during the entire maternity period. A person cannot predict the fall, its cause, and associated damages. The Powell Law Firm is here to present complete detailed information concerning slip and fall when pregnant.

What Can Happen After a Slip and Fall Accident When Pregnant?

What Can Happen After a Slip and Fall Accident When Pregnant?

Pregnancy in women, owing to massive transformations in the body, changes the center of gravity of the body. Hence, it increases the risk of slipping and falling when pregnant. Accidents are unintentional and sudden, affecting both the mother and her fetus.

Studies show that nearly 25 percent of pregnant women have fallen at some point during their pregnancy. This can result in severe complications. Some of the complications observed are:

  • Mental health is affected

  • Breaking of the bones

  • Fractured skull of the fetus

  • Severe placental abruptions

  • Death of fetus

  • Sprain or fractures in joints

  • Damage to internal organs

  • Blood of the fetus into the maternal bloodstream causing hemorrhage

Why Do Slip and Fall Accidents Require Medical Attention?

Symptoms that require medical attention by medical professionals may include:

  • Bleeding in the vagina

  • Leakage of the fluid from amnion

  • Abdominal blow

  • Severe ache and pain in various reproductively associated organs, like the uterus, pelvis, etc.

  • Reduced movement in the fetus

  • Initiation of faster connection

All these complications may affect the intricate internal organs like lungs and breathing, causing difficulty in inhalation, or changing the breathing frequency and pattern. Therefore, the doctor or any other medical professional can, at once, demand an assessment of the fetus, checking the severity of the situation through ultrasound or any other assessing technique like blood test, internal body x-ray, etc.

If the doctor fails to perform the right test, and the fetus dies, the expectant mother has all the right to file a case and take legal action against the medical professional concerned.

What Are Some Common Causes That Result in a Slip and Fall When Pregnant?

There can be numerous causes of slip and fall accidents during pregnancy. A fall can be considered one of the most common minor injuries in our daily life. According to the research made, it has been observed that nearly 15 to 30 percent of the cases concern and revolve around slips and falls when pregnant.

A few causes for the slip and fall might include:

  • Disoriented walkways and flooring

  • Slippery flooring

  • Potholes and closed spaces

  • Poor lighting and blurry vision

  • More physical work

  • Walking carelessly over stairs

  • Carrying heavy objects

What Steps Need to Be Taken After a Slip and Fall When Pregnant?

The first and foremost thing the victim of a slip and fall accident should do is stay calm and patient. Overall, the following steps must be taken despite the location and the property on which the accident occurred.

Firstly, the victim of the accident must seek appropriate medical attention, followed by collecting the required reports from the property owners over which the incident took place.

Next, the eyewitness's statement and contact information should be duly collected and noted, followed by all documents needed for the legal proceedings.

For information regarding how long an insurance company takes to settle a claim in Missouri or what happens if a person slips and falls at Schnucks, read more blogs from The Powell Law Firm.

For legal guidance following a slip and fall while pregnant, contact a St Louis MO slip and fall lawyer at Powell Law Firm.

Precautions to Prevent Future Slips and Falls

An individual cannot fight the slips and falls. However, they can be avoided if certain preventive measures are taken care of:

  • Careful walking, especially on a wet or slippery surface.

  • Pregnant women are advised to wear shoes that have a good grip.

  • Pregnant women should also avoid wearing shoes with heels. Flat footwear is preferred.

  • Avoid walking in areas that are closely spaced or areas that have potholes or uneven floors.

  • Pregnant women also must take support while walking over stairs or on elevated surfaces.

  • Lastly, pregnant women should avoid carrying heavy loads and weight.


Pregnant women must try and avoid slipping and falling as much as possible. If there is some serious complication or this results in the death of the fetus, the expectant mother, who is a victim of the entire incident, has all the right to file a lawsuit against whoever was responsible for the cause. However, if this unfortunate event is the result of the fault of the expectant mother, no case will be liable to be filed.


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