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How Long Does an Insurance Company Have to Settle a Claim in Missouri?

Claiming car insurance and receiving the recovery settlement or negotiations can be burdensome and overwhelming for the individual involved in the accident. An individual must take care of the time frame to file the claim and the terms covered under the car insurance policy. The insurance companies take time to settle such claims.

Here, the Powell Law Firm presents people with detailed information on car insurance claims.

What Is a Car Insurance Settlement?

What Is a Car Insurance Settlement?

Car insurance is financial protection to recover the damages done and incurred on medical bills involving injuries. There are basically two types of car insurance, one which involves the coverage of the damages and bills of the other party involved in the accident.

In contrast, the other includes vehicle damage and medical bills for the person. In order to use this, a claim is filed. Then, on proper evaluation, the insurance company offers a settlement under the terms of the policy.

How Long Does an Insurance Company Have to Settle a Claim in Missouri?

According to the insurance laws in the state of Missouri, insurance companies usually have 25 to 30 days to accept or reject a claim. Following this, no specific timeline is defined for processing and providing the insurance settlement. The duration for settling a claim depends on numerous factors, the major one being - the type of claim filed.

  • Glass Insurance claims – it’s the quickest, and settlement takes from one to seven days.

  • Physical damage Insurance claim - may take 15 days.

  • Roadside assistance Insurance claims - may take 14-15 days.

  • Total loss Insurance claims - may take 30 days or longer

  • Medical bill Insurance claims – it’s the longest and depends on the insurance company and its defined protocols.

In Missouri, the insurance company takes nearly 10 working days to acknowledge the insurance claim made and send the appropriate set of instructions for completing the proof of loss forms and necessary documents required in the process.

It takes 15 working days after the discussed process to accept or reject the claim, after which the investigation and evaluation are based on which the settlement is offered to the claimant.

What to Do When the Insurance Company Takes Too Long to Settle a Claim

The insurance company may take longer to process the claim's settlement. This could be due to its dependence on several underlying factors in the entire processing. A few of them are:

  • The complexity of the insurance claim

  • Investigation of the insurance claim may take longer

  • The severity of the accident and recovery time

  • Availability of evidence and witnesses

  • Extra negotiations are involved in the entire process

  • Resolving the dispute and determination of the guilty may take time

  • The insurance company may investigate due to other unavoidable reasons

If the insurance company takes longer than required, the claimant can approach the insurer or adjuster of the concerned insurance company responsible for the case and check the updates concerning the investigation and other procedures. A person can also take help from an experienced and professional St Louis MO automobile accident attorney to avoid delays.

How Do Insurance Companies Settle the Claims?

If an individual has caused damage or is responsible for the accident, the expenses of the other party will be paid out by them, whether it includes the repair or medical bills. Overall, if the policy includes full coverage, it will cover all the expenses of the driver's repair and medical bills.

The insurance company would also pay for this. There are times when the adjuster will try to offer the lowest negotiations and settlements. In such situations, the claimant must be patient when dealing with the insurer or adjuster. They may also take help from law firms in order to avoid inconveniences in claiming the insurance settlement. This may also be true regarding slip and fall cases while pregnant.


Insurance companies commonly take longer than required to review, investigate, and evaluate the entire accidental event to decide on the claim's validation. Unfortunately, there are also cases of bad insurance faith that involve deliberate delaying of a claim settlement and intentional mishandling of the claim to offer the lowest settlement possible to the claimant.

It would be best if victims reached out to a law firm for solid legal support to avoid such wrongdoings and mistreatments.


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