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St Louis Car Accident Lawyer: Zero Fees Unless We Win

We understand how overwhelming the process for building a case can be. That's why our St Louis Car Accident Lawyers offer a free case review to all clients!

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Is It Worth Getting a Lawyer for a Car Accident? What if It's Minor?

It doesn't matter if the accident is minor or if the people involved were severely injured. In St Louis, drivers should get an attorney if they are thinking about going to court in order to get an appropriate settlement.

If they meet the specific circumstances to file a claim, then a lawyer could help them get the best result possible when they're going to the courthouse.

People who need a St Louis car accident attorney can contact Powell Law Firm for more information and specialized assistance.

What Is the Average Settlement for a Car Accident in Missouri?

There is not a specific average settlement for a car crash happening in St Louis, MO because they include many different specific aspects.

A settlement could range from $5,000 to $1 million, and it all depends on things like whether or not the person at fault was a drunk driver, was negligent, etc.

Hiring For Car Accidents

Things To Know When Looking For A Car Accident Attorney in St Louis, Missouri

Contact the professionals at Powell Law Firm to get all of your car accident questions answered. Understanding the causes of car accidents, common injuries, and what to do when someone is the victim or at fault are three of the most important things to keep in mind.

Even the safest people can have a car accident, especially in St Louis, Missouri. Even though they're common, understanding the different types of car accident causes can help prevent them from happening. The following are the most frequent ones:

Settlements For Accidents

What People Can Do If They're at Fault for the Car Accident

There are always two sides to a car accident, and one of them is at fault for it, which means they have to pay the victim.

When the person is at fault for injuries, wrongful death, or any other circumstance, they must keep several things in mind, especially if they have to deal with insurance companies in St Louis Missouri.

What Is Accident Fault?

Accident fault is a concept that St Louis, MO, uses to describe who is to blame in an accident. In other words, it's a term to hold one of the drivers accountable for their actions.

Legal experts are the ones who decide who is at fault in an accident, and they often say one of the drivers is responsible for what happened.

In St Louis, Missouri, there can be other mitigating circumstances such as the behavior of the other driver or the weather, which is why the person blamed is considered partially responsible and not fully responsible.

What Victims Should Do When They're In A Car Accident

Car accident victims should follow specific steps after the crash, such as making sure they seek medical attention as soon as possible. Even though some people might believe that the Statute of Limitations, medical bills, auto insurance, and lost wages are the most important thing, in fact, there are other things to worry about first when they're injured in a car crash.

Before people start dealing with the insurance company, they have to make sure they're unharmed and contact the necessary authorities. The best way to manage car accidents is to follow the next suggestions:

After the Accident: Insurance Companies and Liability

Motor vehicle accidents are very common, and the victims should understand what to do if they occur. Fortunately, Powell Law Firm can help victims with their auto accident and provide them with experienced and dedicated legal assistance.

Once the victim has ensured that they are not injured, and everyone in the car is safe, they can start worrying about auto accident attorneys. On the other hand, if wrongful death occurred, or if people are in pain, they could file injury claims, open injury cases, and try to get compensation for the medical bills.

A car accident lawyer is not just in charge of mediating with the insurance company and making sure it pays for any medical expenses, if necessary. If there's an accident in St Louis, the legal team must evaluate all the options and defend their client, especially if they're the victims.

Powell Law Firm's St Louis car accident lawyers offer a free consultation of a person's accident claim before moving forward.

Insurance Companies

Victims should report the car accident to their insurance company as fast as they can. Once they do, the carrier might open an investigation to determine what happened and what's the best option for them.

On some occasions, the victim might feel inclined to take the first offer the insurance adjuster gives them. However, they shouldn't do that if they don't feel satisfied with the proposal. Instead, call the Powell Law Firm to negotiate your settlement and get the maximum compensation possible.


A St Louis car accident attorney is probably one of the most essential people to intervene in what happened because they are the law firm representatives, and they have the knowledge and experience to manage car accident cases.

Even though insurance companies play a vital role as well, car accident lawyers are the ones in charge of ensuring that the victim gets the best deal possible. In complicated cases such as personal injury ones (especially if they involve spinal cord injuries), the expert must understand injury law very well, so they can help their clients.

Available Damages

There are different damages available depending on the impact that the car accident had on the person's life. In St Louis, MO, people can try to get compensation for pain and suffering, wrongful death, lost wages, and much more.

If a person experiences spinal cord or brain damage, for example, they could get car accident lawyers to open a personal injury case and try to get compensation for everything they're going through, which includes consultations with different health care professionals, therapy, ambulance fees, and much more.


Once the victim talks to their car accident lawyer, they might choose to sue the other driver. If that occurs, then the legal team will explain when they are to appear in court, where to go, and what they should do once they arrive.

A benefit of having a personal injury attorney is that they follow the law in St Louis, Missouri, and they can guarantee the victim gets the best deals when they're dealing with insurance companies, especially if they want to get compensation for medical expenses.

Personal Injury Practice Areas

Many car accident cases occur in St Louis each year, and insurance companies have to deal with their clients and offer the best alternatives possible. Finding a legal expert to help may be the right solution, especially if the person is looking to sue the at fault party. Contact the experts at Powell Law Firm for assistance regarding your car accident claim.

Common Injuries People Can Get When They're in a Car Accident

A car accident case can be very complicated, especially because people involved could suffer many different types of injuries or even wrongful death.

Some people don't take motor vehicle accidents seriously until they are in one of them and suffer many injuries. Therefore, understanding some things that may happen in a car crash is essential, especially to know when to get a personal injury attorney, file a claim, and start talking to auto insurance company representatives.

Many law firms offer a contingency fee basis when they help clients. The experts understand that urgent situations may arise and that the victim might not have the budget to pay for help right away.

Thus, getting a contingency fee means that the victim doesn't have to pay in advance for the attorneys to represent them. If they handle the case properly and they get compensation from insurance companies and the rest of the people involved, then they get paid.

Other Things You Should Consider After A Car Accident

In the United States, some states are at fault while others are no-fault. Living in a no-fault state means that the victim needs personal injury insurance to get coverage at the time of the accident.

However, Missouri is a fault state, so all laws related to fault apply. In other words, the driver condemned for being at fault needs to deal with their insurance company, and they must pay for the damage the victim suffered.


Even though considering everything related to fault laws is important to deal with insurance companies, when a driver knows they caused the accident, the first thing they should do is to check on the victim.

If the driver is completely unharmed, they should immediately see if the victim needs assistance and call 911. It is their duty as a citizen, but it may also help their case if the police and legal representatives notice they're trying to help.

Vehicle Liability

Vehicle liability is the easiest concept to understand when people don't know anything about St Louis laws, or other specific aspects such as the Statute of Limitations.

When the person at fault has to pay for vehicle liability, then their insurance carrier needs to take care of the damage done to the other car and pay for it, even if it's a tractor-trailer or other kind of vehicle.


Drivers must always gather evidence from the scene of the crash. Both victims and the responsible person have to annotate the other one's vehicle information, and they should take photos if they can.

Sometimes there may be witnesses around, which could help the case, even if the driver is at fault. They should get their contact information because it may help them in court.

Injury Liability

Even though vehicle liability is fairly easy to calculate, injury liability is a whole different matter because it takes into account the victim's medical bills. However, it also considers factors such as how much their lives could suffer in the future.

Therefore, injury liability is often much more expensive, but the insurance company still has to respond if their client is at fault.

Many people come to Powell Law Firm seeking an attorney who can help them with their St Louis car accident case. Regardless of their issue, experts can guide them through the process and ensure they get the best results they can.

Hiring experts is not an easy process, but at Powell Law Firm, attorneys are ready to help anyone who was involved in a car accident and needs professional guidance.

The Powell Law Firm is nothing short of excellence and quality. In fact they go beyond that, if you're looking for quality, efficiency, and excellence you've come to the right place.

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