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We understand how overwhelming the process for building a case can be. That's why our St Louis dog bite lawyers offer a free case review to all clients!

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Can I Sue For a Dog Bite in Missouri?

There is a strict no-bite rule in Missouri, which means that dog owners are liable for any medical expenses or pain and suffering their dog causes. Dog bite lawyers from Powell Law can help you to alleviate the financial strain that a dog attack causes.

First Things First

The first thing you need to do in a dog bite is to seek medical attention. It is best to treat the dog bite injury first before speaking to a dog bite attorney who can help you with your case.

The victims of dog bites might even claim emotional distress for fear of rabies. This could mean future medical bills for the St Louis dog bite victim.

If the dog owner owns a house, the insurance company they use should cover your doctor's bills.

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How Do I Handle The Situation After The Dog Attack In St. Louis

Although your first response is to get to safety, it would be a good idea to give St Louis animal control a call. It can help secure the animal if the owner cannot be found and record details of the event to give lawyers a more well-rounded statement.

Evidence from Animal Services

This evidence can help you to make an informed decision so that you can open a St. Louis dog bite case with your local dog bite lawyers. You may be entitled to receive compensation as soon as possible and can leverage your evidence to strengthening your case.

Seek Medical Assistance

Even one bite from a big dog can leave injuries that cause years of distress, so be sure to get medical attention as soon as you have a chance. If the injuries are deep and have caused significant harm, you might need to get operated on. Doctors are going to assess this situation as you enter the hospital, and they can provide you with the correct treatment for the damages caused.

Let Us Help You

Local St. Louis law understands this, and that is why our injury lawyers are here to guide you through the tedious process. We pride ourselves on client satisfaction and are fully qualified to deal with all attack cases.

Securing the Animal

Once the animal is secured, it helps prevent any further damage caused by the dog. It is an important step that should not be overlooked. You could essentially save someone else's life by confirming the dog is locked away.

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Can You Sue Someone For Attacking Your Dog?

The law states that a dog is an individual's private property, and with that being said, yes, you can sue someone for attacking your dog. If your dog sustains injuries from another person, you have the right to report the incident.

Although dog injuries like this only occur on rare occasions, they do end up happening. You are not always prepared for the unexpected things as a dog owner. People can attack your pet while the pet is innocently mind their business on your own property.


It's good to know your rights and where you stand in the event of someone attacking your dog. Your dog may require medical attention, and for this, the suspect is held liable for compensation.

What Kind Of Compensation Could I Get for My Injuries?

The severity of your injuries determines the various compensation options available. Many things get added together to see what kind of compensation you need.

Dog bite cases can be tricky to navigate, a Saint Louis dog bite lawyer makes it easier. Our legal professionals will guide you through all the necessary steps to file for compensation.

Payment arrangements for injury are decided by a judge and must be abided by; otherwise, further legal action could be taken. Make sure that you have all your ducks in a row before the consultation, and this is going to increase the speed that your case gets processed.

Choose a Saint Louis Dog Bite Lawyer You Can Count On

One of our dog bite attorneys can help you if you are bitten by a dog and seeking legal advice with regards to compensation.

Our company has been around for many years, and we pride ourselves on legal representation. The professionalism that you are going to experience is second to none, and we help you to resolve any issues.

What We Do

We are a law firm that deals with many areas of personal injury, including dog bites. Call us today to find out how we can help you. What's great about our firm is that we won't charge you any fees if we cannot recover any compensation for you.

The Process

Your situation is first accessed under the strict liability law in Saint Louis. Then a qualified lawyer aids you in bringing your case to court or settling to get the maximum settlement possible. The extent of the attack determines what you can fight for.

Personal Injury Practice Areas

Over 5 million Americans are bitten by dogs every year. A dog bite can be a cause for concern as it can lead to personal injury. If you are in this kind of situation, never provoke the dog as that is going to make the situation worse.

The elderly and young children are often hospitalized due to St. Louis dog bite injuries. Dog bites can vary in severity and can cause a lot of pain and suffering. In these types of cases, you should choose a St. Louis, MO lawyer who specializes in dog bite injury like Powell Law. We can help protect you and fight for your rights.

Is It Worth Suing For A Dog Bite?

Each situation is different, and you need to consider that when planning to sue for a dog bite. Whether the dog bite injury sustained is major or minor, you can try to get compensation through a dog bite lawyer. We offer a free consultation, so it's very easy to do.

The Severity of Dog Attacks

Dogs that attack people are taken very seriously by the law and should be reported immediately. Experiences like this can scar you for a lifetime and, in worse cases, lead to death. That is why it is imperative to raise your dogs correctly to avoid such incidents. Alternatively, you should do your best to stay away from aggressive dogs that you are aware of in and around your St. Louis, MO neighborhood. You don't want to have to deal with dog bites if you don't have to.

Major Damage Caused

In this case, the dog attack was more serious, causing significant damage, lost wages, and the plethora of problems that could come with a dog bite. The owner is held liable under Missouri law to provide compensation to the victim.

Evaluate the Situation

It is up to the victim to request a free evaluation of their case so that its authenticity can be determined. Dog bite injuries are not a joke, and they should be handled by a bite lawyer in St Louis, MO who has a reliable track record. A good thing to remember is that if you are lawfully on private property and a dog bites you, there is a chance of receiving compensation. An insurance company that covers the dog owner's home normally sorts out any dog bite injury payouts. Alternatively, compensation arrangements need to be made between both parties to make up for the victim's suffering.

Knowledgeable Dog Bite Lawyers

The dog bite lawyers at our law firm are updated with all the legislative rules surrounding these kinds of incidents. Our law office in St Louis is professional and compassionate when dealing with dog bite victims. A dog bite lawyer is an essential part of the process and offers a free case evaluation to people who suffered from dog attacks in Missouri. We can guide you and offer advice on reporting the injuries that happen due to dogs biting.

Know Your Rights As A Dog Owner

Dog owners need to know their rights when it comes to dog attacks that are unlawfully challenged. If the dog owner's proof outweighs the victim's claim, then you are looking at the case getting thrown out.

Let's say, for example, somebody trespasses on your property, and a dog bite might be dismissed if there is evidence that the person illegally entered the home. The dog owner has all the right to stand up for his property and pet. Our law firm can provide you with a free consultation to help better your situation.

If the suspect has caused any damage to your property or animal, you may be entitled to compensation.

Injuries of all kinds can be avoided if we look after our dogs. We love dogs in Missouri, but if we receive injuries from an attack, we need to take action.

The Powell Law Firm is nothing short of excellence and quality. In fact they go beyond that, if you're looking for quality, efficiency, and excellence you've come to the right place.

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