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How to Report a Dog Bite in Missouri

Updated: Feb 24, 2022

Well-socialized dogs are unlikely to be actively aggressive toward other dogs, and do not go around looking to attack people. However, any dog could become aggressive if it is scared and believes there is no other option.

A dog could also show aggression if they remember a previous situation that was unpleasant. Most people are bitten by a dog belonging to a friend or family member.

This may lead them to wonder whether they should report the dog bite and how to go about doing so.

Should a Victim Report a Dog Bite?

Should a Victim Report a Dog Bite?

Dog bites often lead to recurring medical bills. Some victims may not return to work and end up losing income for several weeks. There is no telling how long it may take to recover, or how many trips to the physiotherapist or specialist a person may need after a dog bite.

According to the dog bite law in Missouri, it is important that the incident is reported, and the victim receives the necessary medical care and compensation for their damages. Filing a report could also help future victims of attacks from the same dog get compensation for their injuries.

Reporting a Dog Bite in Missouri

The following steps should be taken after a dog bite occurs in Missouri to ensure success in a St Louis animal attack claim:

1. Obtain Information about the Dog and Its Owner

A victim must identify the owner or the person in charge of the dog at the time it attacked them. It is also important to obtain the names and addresses of those involved, as well as the dog's proof of vaccinations.

Those who cannot obtain this information may be compelled to receive a series of rabies vaccines, which can be costly. It is also helpful to get information regarding the breed and age of the dog.

This information can help a St Louis injury lawyer build a good case against the dog owner.

2. Get Medical Care

If a person has been critically injured, he or she should be transported to the emergency room immediately.

Those who have minor injuries should always seek medical care because there is a risk that the bite area could become infected. A victim could also contract a disease such as rabies.

Failure to seek medical care could result in a victim’s legal case being thrown out by the court, so a victim should always seek medical care after an attack.

3. Report the Dog Bite

After receiving medical care, a victim should file a dog bite report with the appropriate county or city authorities.

This may help the next victim of a dog bite from the same dog by legally documenting their case. Receiving compensation without having reported the incident to authorities is also highly unlikely.

A report from animal control could also help a victim build a good case against the dog owner, and so could previous reports of attacks by the same dog.

4. Take Photographs of Any Injuries

Photographs of the injuries incurred because of a dog bite can provide important information to a dog bite attorney. They also serve as proof of their injuries and can be used to strengthen the case.

5. Make Notes of the Incident

Those who wish to seek financial compensation for their injuries and/or property damage should keep a record of the incident and record the progress in their recovery daily for the first few weeks following a dog bite.

Dog bite claims can take years to resolve, so having a documented record of what happened is important and can help attorneys build a strong case.

Contact an Experienced Dog Bite Lawyer

6. Contact an Experienced Dog Bite Lawyer

Victims are advised to contact a dog bite lawyer as soon as possible, especially if you plan to sue for the dog bite. Legal issues involving dog bites are almost always complicated, and hard to navigate.

Aside from the medical doctor who treats a victim's injuries, their dog bite, or personal injury, a lawyer is the only person who has their best interests at heart.

Contact Powell Law Firm for a Free Consultation Today!

Victims of dog bites can receive the compensation they deserve with the right lawyer on their side. Kenneth Powell is an experienced personal injury attorney who has years of experience dealing with dog bite cases.

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