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What Happens If You Slip and Fall at Schnucks?

A slip and fall at Schnucks might be humiliating, but it can also result in significant physical harm. In addition to costing money for medical care, personal injuries can impair a person's quality of life and capacity to work.

Injured persons are entitled to compensation if a company's carelessness results in injuries, such as a bulging disc. If a slip and fall occur at a store like Schnucks, there is a better chance of getting a decent settlement if suitable measures are taken.

The Powell Law Firm below gives guidance on everything related to slip and fall cases.

What Should an Individual Do After a Slip and Fall Accident?

What Should an Individual Do After a Slip and Fall Accident?

Premises liability is a legal theory that underlies valid slip and fall claims. It practically means that property owners are accountable for harm incurred there.

However, it is not that straightforward, as with most legal cases. Every person who slips and falls at Schnucks may not have a case. If the injured person's complaint proceeds to court, they must demonstrate that they were hurt and that their injuries were due to the store's or its worker's actions.

It’s possible that the store will have insurance providers and lawyers handling personal injury claims. Law firms can make every effort to lower the sum of any compensation and may even claim that their client was not responsible for the injuries. That is why actions following a slip and fall mishap are crucial.

  • Call for an ambulance or make an appointment with a doctor.

  • Inform the workers at the store about the occurrence. Request a copy of any reports that they create.

  • Obtain witnesses' names and contact details and photograph the area where the incident occurred. Take photographs of cuts and scrapes that happened. Note down every detail. Preserve documentation from the store, the ambulance service, and the doctors.

  • Take photos of the person's clothing and save them if required to back up the case. This can be helpful if the retailer argues that an individual fell due to their long pants or shoes being unsafe.

  • It's preferable to avoid blaming anybody or accepting blame. Keep a low profile and refrain from commenting mainly to store employees or insurance agents.

How Can a Person Prove a Slip and Fall Case?

The injured party must first show that they were hurt, that the incident occurred at Schnucks, and how much it cost them. Then, they must demonstrate that either the store's proprietor or one of its workers was at fault.

It’s important for the affected individual to prove that the owner or a staff member must have created the hazard that led to the fall. Maybe they must have known about the issue yet did not take any action to address it.

Wet flooring, ice stairways, cracked sidewalks, bulging carpets, and objects positioned in aisles where they don't belong are all instances of hazards that can lead to mishaps like a slip and falls.

Additionally, it is presumed that the retailer should have done or would have done what a "sensible" person would have done in such a situation.

The below questions are intended to demonstrate if the store could have taken action to stop the slip and fall from happening:

  • Did the hazard exist long enough for store employees to be aware of it?

  • Were the warning signs placed to keep consumers away from the area?

How Does the Settlement Work in a Slip and Fall Case?

Compensation damages pay an injured party's actual and projected medical expenditures, lost income, and costs associated with maintaining the home while the injured party is recovering.

If the deciding court finds that the business was not merely irresponsible but also deliberately or maliciously intended for the mishap, punitive damages would also be assigned, especially if the person who slipped and fell was pregnant. These damages would be given as punishment for the offender.

The St Louis MO slip and fall lawyers can guide whether a settlement offer is reasonable and deserves to be accepted or whether it would be preferable to file a lawsuit instead.


Slip and fall claims are typically settled out of court. However, just 5% of the cases proceed to trial. Therefore, deciding on a lawyer with knowledge of cases like these is crucial.

Injured people should get compensation if Schnucks’ carelessness caused them harm. The lawyers at Powell Law Firm can provide valuable assistance in such cases.


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