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Should I Get a Lawyer for a Slip and Fall?

Updated: Feb 24, 2022

Slip and fall accidents are very common, which is why so many people wonder if they should get professional help or not. There are a few things to consider, which is why the victim must have as much information as they can.

What people should do if they fall

What People Should Do If They Fall

If someone falls down in a store, a parking lot, or even the outside of a business, the first thing they should do is to notify the owner.

Once the owner knows about what happened, they must write it down. Documenting the incident is an essential step. To do it correctly, both the victim and the owner can work together and try to talk to potential witnesses to ask for their help.

Additionally, the victim or people around the place should take pictures and document any product that caused the incident, such as ice or water.

The victim should never sign any documents if the owner offers that to them. Furthermore, they shouldn't post anything about the accident on social media, and they should only talk to the store owner about what happened.

All communication should be restricted because anything the victim says or writes could be used against them if they go to court.

Is It Possible to Sue the Owners?

The victim could sue in a slip and fall case, but there are many factors to consider, which is why getting professional assistance from an attorney is essential.

Slip and fall accidents are extremely complex because it is hard to determine the circumstances that caused the accident to occur.

Sometimes, the business owner might be held accountable for the accident, whereas, in other instances, the landlord is the one to take the blame.

Even though it is possible to sue and win a slip and fall case, the attorney's job is to fight for them and get the best outcomes possible.

Conditions People Should Keep in Mind

An attorney from Powell Law can always help the victim when they have a slip and fall accident. However, certain circumstances could make matters more urgent.

The Property Owner Has Knowledge of the Danger

When a case goes to court, if experts find that the property owners did not inspect their buildings to ensure they were safe, they could hold them accountable for the slip and fall accident.

Specific Aspects Surrounding the Fall

The victim often needs to answer many different questions when they have an accident. If they fall down a flight of stairs, for example, they often need to explain what they were doing before falling, what type of shoes they were wearing, and much more.

The Injuries

Sometimes the victim can prove the owner is at fault for their fall, but the injuries are so minimal that it's best if they don't file for a lawsuit.

Lawyers Disputing Liability

While it may seem obvious that the store owners or landlords are at fault for what happened, their lawyers want to make sure they cast doubt on the client's claims. Thus, they are going to work to deny liability or at least reduce it.

Not Getting a Fair Settlement

Sometimes the victim might get an offer, and they may believe the price is unfair compared to what they're going through.

What to Do?

In any of the aforementioned cases, the best person to help is a St Louis slip and fall lawyer, and people can find competent professionals at Powell Law Firm. They can help guide you through the slip and fall claim process. A slip and fall attorney is obliged to fight for the client's case and make sure the settlement they get is fair.

How Long Does It Take to File a Lawsuit?

Unfortunately, many slip and fall cases can take years, and it depends a lot on the store owner or landlord. Sometimes they might not want to provide the documentation, or they may not be willing to settle.

Even so, working with an attorney can help speed up the process since they are aware of the documentation they need. Overall, they could move the process along and ensure the store owner doesn't drag in hopes that the victim gives up their injury claim.

Contact Powell Law Firm Today!

People who wonder “should I get a lawyer for a slip and fall?” should always hire a Powell Law Firm attorney. The lawyer's job is to move the process along and make sure the victim always gets a fair settlement.


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