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Can You Sue if You Slip in a Store?

Updated: Feb 24, 2022

One of the most common questions about slip and fall accidents is “can you sue if you slip in a store?” which is something many victims ask when they go through the process, especially if they want to file a lawsuit. To make the best choice, they should get all the information they need, which is what the article addresses.

Conditions that could cause the accident

Conditions that Could Cause the Accident

Slip and fall accidents are very common, and the victim could sue the owner, especially if they can prove they were negligent.

Some specific conditions could cause an accident, and if the victim proves that was their case, then they could sue and get a settlement. The following are some examples.

  • Floors covered by spilled liquids

  • Rugs or mats that are frayed

  • Too-cluttered store aisles

  • Items that are poorly placed, and end falling down into walking paths

  • Equipment operating in stores (such as forklifts)

  • Stores, parking lots, or sidewalks with poor lighting

  • Cracks in parking lots

The victim has the right to recover from the injuries they sustain, so they must determine if they suffered harm as a consequence of the owner's negligence. However, the best way to do that is to hire an attorney.

What the Victim Must Do

If someone slips and falls in a store, they should follow very specific steps because what happens next could impact the injury claims.

Firstly, the victim should seek medical attention as soon as they can. The doctor is the first person who can assess their injuries and record what happened.

After that, the victim should examine the area if they can and gather evidence, for example, some photos of the place.

The victim should immediately communicate with the store owner and tell them what happened. Additionally, they should get their contact information, so they can talk to them later if they need to.

Lastly, victims could benefit from keeping a daily journal that describes what they're going through. They could write down the dates and details of their medical appointments, but also explain the pain they're feeling and how the injuries affect their daily activities.

Proving Negligence

A victim must prove the store owner is at fault for their injuries if they want to get a settlement. Therefore, they have to show they either caused the hazardous condition, or they knew about it and did nothing to fix it.

Proving negligence is extremely complex, especially because customers must also ensure they protect themselves. If there is an obvious danger in front of the victim and they fail to avoid it, it might be hard or impossible to win a lawsuit.

Hiring a Powell Law Firm attorney is always the best option due to the difficulty of winning a slip and fall accident. They can help the client determine whether or not filing for a lawsuit is a good idea, they can move the process along and try to get the best settlement.

How to File the Legal Claim

Victims should always contact a personal injury lawyer if they want to file a legal claim. The attorney can represent them when dealing with insurance companies and defend them in the courtroom.

Some victims might be afraid of taking things to the courtroom, but they should keep in mind not every legal claim ends like that. In some instances, slip and fall lawyers might negotiate and get adequate compensation from insurance companies without going through that process.

Is the Store Owner Liable?

To determine if the store owner is liable for the slip and fall, the victim should take several factors into account. Laws can vary from state to state, so they have to examine what applies to them.

Overall, the owner can be liable, but if there are general slippery conditions in the area, the victim must prove they acted negligently.

Speak to an Attorney from Powell Law Firm Today!

When people slip and fall while they are inside a business, they might ask someone “can you sue if you slip in a store?”

Undoubtedly, it's a very common question to have, especially if they sustained substantial injuries and are thinking about filing a lawsuit.

Victims can sue if they slip in a store, and the owner could be held accountable. However, they should get assistance from a Powell Law Firm personal injury lawyer. We can defend clients and ensure they get the best settlement.


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