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How Do I Claim for a Slip and Fall?

Updated: Feb 24, 2022

Victims often ask “how do I claim for a slip and fall?” when they have an accident since they believe the store owner or landlord could be held accountable for negligence. However, they should follow specific steps to have a smooth process and get the best results. This article addresses important points on the matter.

Immediately after the slip and fall accident

What to Do Immediately after the Slip and Fall Accident

When someone slips and falls, they should follow specific steps, so they can present a strong case if they need to go to court. Once the accident occurs, the victim must write down all the details of what happened and answer the following questions:

  • Was any store personnel involved in the fall?

  • Were there any obstructions that contributed to the accident?

  • Was the floor wet or dry during the accident?

  • Did the slip and fall occur outside, or inside the facility?

  • Were there any witnesses? Can they contact them?

  • What clothing and shoes was the victim wearing?

  • When did it happen?

Steps the Victim Should Follow

Getting the right information is essential to understand how to claim for a slip and fall accident as well as how much the case is worth. If the victim does not gather the proper data, they might not get the settlement they deserve. Thus, they should keep in mind the following steps to ensure their process goes smoothly:

Get Medical Help

The victim's well-being is the first priority when they get injured in a slip and fall accident. Once they contact the doctor, they must document all the injuries sustained in the accident.

To seek a claim for the slip and fall accident, the victim must provide proof of the injuries they sustained. Therefore, the doctor's records, diagnosis, and prognosis are essential for the case.

Report the Accident to the Authorities

Regardless of the place where the accident occurred, the victim must immediately report it to the store owner or landlord. Slips and falls can happen inside a store, on a sidewalk, or in a parking lot. No matter where they occur, the victim has to contact the person responsible as soon as possible.

Once the victim contacts the landlord or store owner, they might write down what happened and then a copy of the report, which could be helpful if the case goes to court.

Document What Happened

If there were witnesses around, the victim should ask them for their contact information. Getting their phone number, email and even physical address is a good idea.

Furthermore, the victim should take photos of the place and notice any detail that could have contributed to the accident, for example, a wet spot on the ground.

Lastly, the victim has to write down how they fell, what they were wearing, and what they were doing before falling down, and the time and date of the accident.

It may sound like many details to consider but having specific information can help the victim if they want to file a claim for their slip and fall accident.

Do Not Sign Anything

Victims should never, under any circumstances, sign any statements or communicate the details of what happened. Thus, they should not post anything about the accident on social media, and they should keep their contact with the landlord or store owner to a minimum.

Any information the victim provides could be used against them when they're filing the claim, which is why they should be very careful.

Contact a Specialized Attorney

There are many legal implications involved in slip and fall accidents, which is why contacting a personal injury law firm is essential to file a claim and get the best outcomes. Victims can do that by contacting Powell Law Firm to get specialized help from a lawyer.

The premises liability lawyer must interview the victim and get all the details about what happened. Then, they have to deal with the at-fault party and fight for the client's right to get compensation for their injuries. In some instances, the case might go to court, but it completely varies from person to person.

Contact Powell Law Firm Today!

The most common question victims ask when they have a slip and fall accident is “how do I claim for a slip and fall?” since it's something they might have in mind when they sustain injuries. They have to follow specific steps to have a smooth process, and a Powell Law Firm attorney can help them get the best outcome possible.


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