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How to Become a Truck Driver in Missouri

Truck drivers operate massive motor vehicles that haul various goods around the country. It, therefore, makes them an essential part of the supply chain. Driving large vehicles offers a lucrative career that gives motorists the freedom to travel around the United States. Moreover, they have an opportunity to plan their work schedule to fit their lifestyle.

With many training options available in Missouri, it has become easy to begin a career as a truck driver. Trucking companies usually pay drivers by the mile. To become eligible for this job, one must be 21, with a high school diploma and a commercial driver's license.

Comprehensive Steps for Becoming a Trailer Driver

Comprehensive Steps for Becoming a Trailer Driver

As stated earlier, a person must meet specific requirements to become eligible for the job. While an individual must be at least 21 to drive these commercial motor vehicles, a driver can get a learner's permit as early as 18. Some federal programs may, however, allow younger drivers to work. Here are the steps to becoming a truck driver in Missouri:

1. Pass the Driver's License Test

The first step to becoming eligible is passing the regular driver's permit exam before obtaining a CDL. With this license, an aspiring truck driver can start their career driving delivery trucks while preparing for a commercial driver's license exam.

2. Get a High School Diploma or the GED

Anyone considering becoming a haul motorist must complete their GED or high school diploma to attain their respective credentials. The Bureau of Labor Statistics requires employers to hire applicants with these certificates. One can easily take their General Education Development course and earn the certification after four months.

3. Start CDL Training

Various institutions provide truck driver training programs that allow learners to take the CDL exam. Private school and community college coaching fees may range from $1,000 to $10,000. On the other hand, company-sponsored courses may last between four to six weeks and cost around $6,000.

4. Earn a CDL and Other Relevant Endorsements

A commercial driver's license is the minimum requirement for driving haul motor vehicles. The permit is divided into three classes: A, B, and C. These categories are created depending on the weight and size of the car. CDL-A is the most versatile of the three and suitable for drivers transporting large-sized freight.

Moreover, motorists must attain an endorsement code for their commercial driver's license. These endorsements show what a haul-driver can transport. They're suitable for specialty vehicles like tankers and school businesses.

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) has a comprehensive guide explaining the different licensing classes and their respective endorsement codes. However, applicants must consult the state of Missouri with the help of the best truck accident lawyers in St Louis to understand all laws regarding acquiring commercial driver's licenses.

5. Finding Job Placement Assistance

Some driving schools assist their students in getting job opportunities from various trucking companies. These institutions may offer job boards and career counseling to help the students connect with potential employers and mentors.

6. Complete an Employer's Finishing Program

Most trucking companies will require newly hired employees to complete an in-house course before driving. This program is usually referred to as driver finishing coaching. The sessions will introduce a worker to the firm's vehicle, materials, and other relevant tools. It usually lasts three to four weeks and involves a period of supervised driving.

Career Paths for Freshly Graduated Truck Drivers

Students who've recently finished training should have an impeccable driving record. If there are any instances of reckless driving, one can lose their CDL. Moreover, they should maintain a reliable working record to forge strong relationships early in their careers.

Gain Experience

Some companies require haul drivers to transport extra wide loads or dangerous materials. In such situations, the firm will only outsource drivers with the right number of endorsements and experience.

Becoming a Truck Driving Educator or Ambassador

The truck driving industry usually holds conferences, advocacy opportunities, and events that motorists can benefit from. Additionally, most of these associations have ambassadorial programs that new drivers can join.

Start a Fleet

After working under a retail organization, a driver can start their company. This will require significant capital, but it's a worthwhile investment.

If at any part of this journey, a person experiences a truck accident at no fault of their own, they can schedule a free consultation with the experts at Powell Law Firm to get compensated for their injuries. They can also answer questions regarding trucking laws in Missouri such as how many people can be in a truck bed in Missouri and how to report a dangerous truck driver in Missouri.


Although becoming a truck driver can be rewarding, anything can happen on the road. There's always a risk of getting into a truck accident. To find out more about pursuing compensation following a truck accident, victims are encouraged to contact Powell Law at (314) 470-1374 to find out more about the proper steps to take.

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