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How Many People Can You Have in the Bed of the Truck over 18 in Missouri?

Riding on a truck bed was something people used to do. The truth is that most people in Missouri don't know what the law says about carrying people on a cargo bed.

It's therefore imperative for truck drivers to understand specific regulations and safety issues before loading people into the back of their trucks. This knowledge will help them avoid finding themselves in legal battles with injured passengers who traveled in their cargo bed.

How many people are allowed in the back of a truck? Is this even legal? This article will discuss what is permissible, according to state law, for riding in a truck bed.

Is Riding a Truck Bed Legal in Missouri?

Is Riding a Truck Bed Legal in Missouri?

Missouri seat belt laws for pickups restrict people under 18 from riding in a truck bed. It does, however, allow adult passengers to do so. The law has certain exceptions that apply to teenagers and young children. Minors can ride freely on a truck's bed under the following circumstances:

  • If the vehicle has a device that will stop passengers from being ejected or falling off

  • The motorist is not driving on a state highway or the state or federal highway system and is traveling within designated speed limits

  • A passenger is participating in a parade

  • The vehicle is a family-owned truck that doesn't have enough room for all passengers

  • If someone is assisting in a recreational facility

Additionally, these laws only apply to pickup trucks with a covered cargo area and not those traveling in open-bed trucks.

How Safe Are Passengers in the Truck Bed?

Most vehicles are designed to carry a stipulated number of passengers. Some have a designated number of people that they can safely restrain and protect. If a truck driver carries more passengers than what the vehicle recommends, there's a greater chance that they'll sustain severe injuries when an accident occurs.

Is Riding on a Truck Bed Worth It?

Many truck accidents demonstrate that riding in a cargo bed is not worth the risk. When an accident occurs, the passenger at the back can easily be ejected, causing severe and fatal injuries. This is because the truck doesn't have the proper safety mechanisms that cars and other motor vehicles have.

Missouri drivers should, therefore, consider safety a top priority, especially where passengers are at high risk of injuries. They should always uphold traffic rules at all times. Even so, a driver can do so much to protect themselves from road accidents, but that can't be said as far as other road users are concerned.

Therefore, they must invest in safety restraints for passengers who will ride in the truck bed if they consider carrying them on a regular basis. Moreover, the drivers should always travel cautiously and ensure everyone is seated on the floor, not at the fender, tailgate, or side of the truck.

How Many People Can a Truck Bed Carry?

The answer to this question will depend on the vehicle size. Most standard truck beds are not designed to carry people. Truck drivers should only allow people to ride in the bed as a last resort. In the event of an accident, this can hurt the victim's chance of getting maximum compensation even with the assistance of the best truck accident lawyer in St Louis.

During legal proceedings, the defense can argue that the plaintiff engaged in negligent conduct by consenting to ride in a truck bed. If this argument is successful, the plaintiff's liability will increase, and they may receive a reduced settlement or no compensation at all.

Take Away!

Although there are cases where people over 18 are permitted to travel in a truck bed in Missouri, this puts them at risk of serious injury. If you have been injured, contact a lawyer at Powell Law Firm.

To increase the chances of getting a fair settlement after an accident, one should always sit in the cab or ride at the back while secured to a vehicle with safety devices. Truck drivers with passengers in the truck bed must always choose a route with as little traffic as possible.

For more information on truck laws in Missouri, schedule a free consultation with their experienced attorneys at Powell Law. They can answer specific questions such as which CDL tests can be taken with a pickup truck and how to become a truck driver in Missouri.

Even when all these preventive measures are taken, an accident could still occur. If this happens because of someone else’s negligence, injured victims may be entitled to compensation. To find out more about pursuing restitution, injured parties can contact Powell Law at (314) 470-1374!

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