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Which CDL Test Can I Take with My Pickup Truck in Missouri?

A commercial driver's license is required for all vehicles over a certain size. The limit is usually determined by the truck's weight and is measured by the Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR). Other factors that affect the type of CDL a driver may receive include:

  • Vehicles with a specific carrying capacity

  • Trucks designed to transport hazardous materials

Different types of CDLs, therefore, allow drivers to operate various types of large-sized trucks. They're classified into various class licenses (A, B, and C), which are the same throughout the United States. A Class A commercial driver's license will enable motorists to use a single truck or a combination of vehicles with a GVWR higher than 26,001 pounds.

Moreover, a Class B license may allow a driver to operate a vehicle heavier than 26,001 pounds. However, the automobile won't tow cars exceeding 10,000 pounds. Therefore, drivers towing heavy loads should opt for CDL-A. Class C permit, on the other hand, is a combination of vehicles that don't meet criteria A or B.

All commercial drivers’ licenses come with endorsements to allow extra privileges. It includes approvals of hazardous materials, school buses, and passenger vehicles.

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Acquiring Class-A Commercial Driver's License

Acquiring Class-A Commercial Driver's License

Motorists owning pickup trucks must acquire a CDL-A to do their business. To acquire this permit, a driver must meet the following requirements.

  • Age: A motorist must be 18 to drive commercial intrastate (driving within Missouri). At the age of 21 years, drivers can qualify to drive interstate (outside Missouri).

  • Residency: An individual is eligible for this CDL if they're a Missouri resident, a United States citizen, or a permanent resident alien.

  • License: To be eligible for a commercial driver's license, one must have a regular driving permit.

  • Medical: A driver must hold a medical examiner certification (DOT Card) to acquire CDL-A in Missouri.

Steps for Applying for a License and Permit in Missouri

According to the Missouri Department of Revenue, one must follow the steps below when applying for a permit and license.

  1. Complete entry-level training from an FMCSA-approved trucking school: The program will teach students various skills required to drive a commercial vehicle safely. It'll also prepare them for CDL knowledge and skill tests.

  2. Obtaining a commercial learner’s permit: A learner's permit is a prerequisite for qualifying for CDL-A in Missouri. One must pass the vision and road sign tests to attain the license.

  3. Meet Missouri State CDL-A requirements: The commercial driver's license manual has clear guidelines for first-time applicants, drivers transporting hazardous materials, and people who wish to upgrade their current permit.

  4. Pass the required knowledge and skills tests: Depending on the type of CDL one is opting for, they’ll need to pass the above tests to secure a license.

CDL Tests for Pickup Trucks

Drivers wanting a commercial driver’s license for their pickup trucks would need to take the knowledge and skills test for a class A permit. They’ll need to take various intellectual-based exams for subjects such as air brakes, hazardous materials, and passenger transport.

One also has to pass a road examination test in various skill sets. They include vehicle inspection, primary truck control, and on-road driving. Individuals must have additional endorsements to drive a school bus, double and triple trailer, or passenger truck. A driver will simultaneously complete all these exams as he or she completes CDL testing.

How Much Do CDL Examinations Cost?

Motorists must pay all associated fees for all licensing tests. Here’s a complete breakdown of costs a driver will incur while trying to attain their CDL.

Drivers taking a CDL course for three years or less will incur a fee of $20. On the other hand, motorists taking advanced commercial driver’s license tests for more than three years will incur relatively higher fees of $40.

Getting a learner’s permit may cost an individual $20. The course takes six months or less to complete. Visit the Missouri Department of Revenue to get a clear picture of all the extra charges.

Take Away!

Taking a CDL test for a pickup truck is relatively easy. Following all the steps above will automatically put a driver in the front seat to get their commercial driver's license.

However, motorists who revoked their licenses may have difficulty getting new ones. A truck lawyer at Powell Law Firm may be able to help in such circumstances. Motorists with licensing issues should reach out to experienced St Louis MO truck accident attorneys for the legal advice they need!

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