• Kenneth Powell

How Many Accidents Can You Have Before Your Insurance Drops You?

No driver wants to receive a cancellation letter from their insurance company. Many starters find it hard to look for a new car insurance company. Beyond that, old drivers may also have a hard time fixing the problem with their existing car insurer.

Another problem a driver may encounter when their car insurer drops them pertains to their wallet. When they have a bad record from their insurance company, it could lead to higher rates when purchasing a new policy. New car insurance companies will consider them as risky clients. Therefore, they will charge them higher than the normal price.

There are lots of reasons that will cancel a driver's car insurance. Usually, these reasons are enforced by the state government and can be defended by the best truck accident attorney in St Louis MO. But when the COVID-19 pandemic started, a lot of car insurance companies laid some ways that would help their clients avoid cancellations. Some of these new ways include payment plants and extended care insurance time.

The following are the most prominent reasons that will cause anyone to cancel their car insurance company.

Driving Passengers for Hire

Driving Passengers for Hire

One reason that might cancel one’s car insurance is driving their car and using it like Lyft, Uber, or taxi without notifying their insurer.

Using Cars for Business Purposes

When a driver applied for a personal car insurance company, he/she must know that the policy does not include business use. For instance, using the vehicle for making deliveries or visiting various work sites. There’s no other thing that one can use their car aside from driving it to work. If a driver wants to use it for doing things related to business, he/she should apply for a commercial auto policy.

The Car is not Safe to Operate

The policy can be canceled if the car is not safe to drive and compromises the driver’s, passengers, and public safety. Another ground that will cancel one’s policy is by failing the car inspection or not letting the state inspect the car.

The Driver was Forfeited or Convicted Bail for Different Offenses

The policy can be canceled when the driver commits multiple driving offenses, such as operating the car under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

The Driver Has a Medical Condition that Restricts Him to Safe Driving

Heart attacks, epilepsy, and other similar health conditions will require the driver to present a certificate that will testify to their ability to operate the car safely. Take note that the certificate must be certified by a reliable physician.

The Driver is Involved in Various Moving Traffic Violations or At-Fault Accidents

If the driver gets involved in various car accidents or records several traffic tickets within 36 months, this might cause his/her insurance company to be canceled. Generally, if the driver has been involved in more than two at-fault accidents or combined moving violations or accidents within three years will also cancel his/her car insurance policy.

The Driver Did Not Provide Accurate Information Necessary to Complete his Car Insurance Application.

The Driver Did Not Provide Accurate Information Necessary to Complete his Car Insurance Application.

The driver’s car insurance company considers a lot of factors in setting their rates, including the regular operator of the car and his garaging address. If the driver failed to provide these details accurately, it could be the cause of his canceled car insurance policy. The act of not providing accurate information to the auto insurance company is called “material misinterpretation.”


It will only take more than two at-fault accident settlements to cancel a driver’s car insurance policy. Take note that applying for a new insurance company requires checking of records from his previous car insurance company.

So, if the driver has a bad record from his previous auto insurer, it could be a bad impression on the new company. If that is the case, most car insurance companies will give him higher rates compared to those with good records.

If one is planning to get rid of their car, it would be great if he/she would keep his car insurance. This will prevent them from the “coverage gap.” To do so, experts highly recommend applying for a non-owner car insurance policy.

The cancellation of the car insurance policy is made to keep the drivers aware of the potential consequences of not driving carefully and involving themselves in too many road mishaps.