• Kenneth Powell

How Long Does Accident Settlement Take?

There are lots of factors that should be taken into consideration when settling a car accident. That being said, no one can say the exact time that car accident settlement takes. Each day, car mishaps that happen on the road are unique. There are cases that are caused by the driver’s negligence, overspeeding, drunk driving, red light jumping, and more. In connection, the time it will take to solve the case will vary depending on the facts and details provided.

Settling a car accident case usually takes several weeks to months or even years. This is how long it will take to investigate the side of each party. In case the driver has suffered extreme property damage or bodily injury, the settlement process might require more time.

People who have been in a car accident situation know how tiring and tedious a car accident settlement is. But for people who are going through it for the first time might be asking how long a car accident settlement would take.

In this post, we will share with you some facts and reliable information that will answer the question, “How long does accident settlement take?” So, read on to know further.

The Process of Car Accident Settlement

The Process of Car Accident Settlement

A car accident lawyer is necessary, especially if the driver is the reason behind the accident. Once the information about the accident has been transferred to the lawyer, the attorney will gather enough facts and details to protect the party he/she is handling. The lawyer will defend the driver’s rights and talk with the party’s car insurance company.

Once the claim has been filed, and the car insurance company has a copy of damages and medical bills, the company will offer a car accident settlement. The driver’s lawyer will be the one who will negotiate with the insurance adjuster to determine the amount that his client deserves.

A person who experienced a severe car accident and injury should have rest. He/she is not required to answer disturbing calls from insurance adjusters who are trying to manipulate the victim. That is why the semi truck accident attorneys in St Louis are here to fight for the amount that the driver is entitled to receive.

After compiling the information and evidence, the driver’s car accident lawyer can file a settlement on their behalf. Unfortunately, they cannot give an exact date on how long the process of car accident settlement will take. This is because there are some delays or unexpected problems that may happen during the process. They have no idea about what turns and twists the case may experience. But one thing is for sure; they are doing their best to give the best outcome that a driver deserves to have.

Factors Affecting the Settlement Process

Factors Affecting the Settlement Process

The following are the factors that will affect how lengthy a car accident settlement will take.

Eyewitness Accounts

If several individuals witnessed the accident or the driver had a conversation with the eyewitnesses right after the incident, then it will take a lot of time for the lawyer to interview these people. The process of interviewing the witnesses might take more than a single month. This might take some time because some witnesses don’t want to cooperate with the investigation.

Questioning of Liability

Lawyers and police officers might have a hard time proving negligence or which of the parties are liable for the accident. If the driver is at fault, this might make the car settlement process even longer, especially in countries that enforce comparative negligence. Finding out which side is liable might require much time and effort from the officers in charge.

Recovery Time for Your Injuries

In case the driver has serious body injuries, it is more likely that the driver does not yet know his/her medical bills. When the driver has been fully recovered, that is the only time he will know how much was their medical expenses and the possible medical care he will need in the future.

Aside from that, the driver can also have enough time to determine how much money he will request as compensation for income loss. A car accident lawyer will only fix the settlement after the driver has been fully recovered. This will help him to determine the damages that a driver is entitled to receive.