• Kenneth Powell

How Do You Counter Offer a Settlement?

A car accident can be a traumatic experience. Aside from the injury you sustained from a car crash, your medical bills, pain, and suffering can make your everyday life worse than you think.

But imagine you receive a low settlement from the at-fault driver. That could be a nightmare. What are you going to do next? The following are some practical tips to help you deal with an unreasonable settlement:

Be Calm and Stay Professional

Be Calm and Stay Professional

It is human nature to feel angry and insulted with a low initial offer from the insurance company or adjuster. But that cannot help, though. It is necessary to stay calm, friendly, and professional. Sometimes, it is the insurer’s way to tempt you to take their bait, which will not be helpful on your part.

This is the reason you should not have high expectations with the settlement to avoid any disappointment. Also, remember that it is only the initial offer. This means your personal injury lawyer still has the chance to explain your side.

Do Not Be Afraid to Ask Questions

It is not recommended for the plaintiff to speak with the insurance claim adjusters. But there is nothing wrong with raising your questions as they are more than willing to answer your queries.

It is also your chance to determine the basis of how they came up with the settlement offer on your personal injury case. It is best to get specific numbers for your lost wages, medical bills, and other damages.

It is more likely that they missed an essential piece of information like your updated medical expenses. So, do not be afraid to raise your concerns. Just stay accommodating to avoid any misunderstanding at the end of the day.

Provide Additional Information

It is smart to work with personal injury lawyers while filing an insurance claim. But do not leave everything to them.

For a faster settlement application, it is suitable to gather your complete medical records, crash reports, and a lost wage letter. It is also wise to take photographs of your injuries aside from the other damages at the accident scene.

Remember that the more facts you provide to the insurance adjuster, the higher your chance to obtain a fair settlement. For documents that are difficult to achieve, you can count on your semi truck accident attorney in St Louis, of course.

Make a Counteroffer

Your legal counsel will then develop and make a counteroffer. What is it, though? It is simply a response given to an initial settlement. This indicates that the original offer is rejected, giving the insurance adjusters three options. They may accept the counteroffer, make another attempt to settle before going to trial, or reject it.

Developing a counteroffer, however, is not more straightforward as it sounds, requiring the expertise of a personal injury attorney. Although working with legal counsel may require extra costs, you can be confident that your counter offer will be as accurate as possible.

What does a counteroffer usually consist of? Well, it is composed of your reasons why you deserve a more reasonable settlement amount. Once done, you can send the letter to the insurance claims adjuster via email.

How Much Should You Ask from the At-Fault Driver?

How Much Should You Ask from the At-Fault Driver?

It is tempting to ask the at-fault third party for a high compensation for every damage you sustained after a car accident.

But that will not be useful on your part as it will only prolong your insurance claim application. That’s why you have to ask for a fair settlement.

However, calculating the damages can be complex. This is where your personal injury lawyer can come into play.

Whether you are severely injured after a car crash or have a busy schedule at home, your legal counsel will guide you from beginning to end.

Why Should You Hire a Personal Injury Attorney?

Filing a claim is a long process, and you do not deserve to experience that. Luckily, there are attorneys that specialize in personal injury law that you can depend on and trust. Below are the benefits of working with a legal counsel:

  • Your Insurance Claim will be More Seamless and Stress-free than Expected.

  • You Have a Higher Chance to Receive a Reasonable Settlement.

  • An Attorney Will Help You Cut Other Unnecessary Expenses.

There you have it. We hope these tips give you an idea about making a counteroffer. Look for a lawyer today!