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Will My Premium Go Up If I Am Not At Fault?

In general, when a driver is not at fault, it will not be the reason for his or her premium to increase. This is possible since the at-fault driver’s car insurance company will manage the injured driver’s vehicle repairs and medical expenses. If the driver’s car insurance company did not pay anything involved in the car accident, there’s no reason for his premium to go up. If it does, contact the best truck accident attorneys in St Louis MO.

The injured driver will file a claim against the at-fault driver’s car insurance policy in most states. If the driver has nothing to do with the accident and he filed a claim against the driver who displayed negligence, there is no reason that his car insurance cost will increase.

Even if the driver chooses to file a claim against his own car insurance provider, most insurance companies will not increase the charge of the driver. How is this possible? This is because the driver files for a non-fault claim.

On the other hand, if the driver has been involved in an accident with someone else’s fault and already filed a claim, there might be a possible increase to his car insurance rate, despite getting involved in a no-fault collision.

Car operators involved in no-fault collisions and already made a claim will notice at least a 10 percent increase in their premium rate, as stated by the Consumer Federation of America.

In a situation where a driver’s premium increases even after a no-fault accident, it is better for him or her to speak with his car insurance provider. This is because different car insurers have different rates. This means that others may increase a driver’s premium by 2 percent, while some may only raise it by 10 percent.

Additionally, other states do not allow any car insurance companies to raise a driver’s premium, especially after a non-fault claim has been filed.

How Much Does a No-Fault Accident Raise a Driver’s Premium?

How Much Does a No-Fault Accident Raise a Driver’s Premium?

The Zebra did a survey and concluded that auto insurance companies increase a driver’s premium by around 67 US Dollars per year in a no-fault accident. The following are the 6-month premium increase from most of the auto insurers for drivers who have been involved in a no-fault collision.

  • Allstate: 1013 US Dollars

  • Farmers: 869 US Dollars

  • Progressive: 770 US Dollars

  • State Farm: 677 US Dollars

  • GEICO: 642 US Dollars

  • Nationwide: 639 US Dollars

  • USAA: 567 US Dollars

Will a No-Fault Car Collision Appear on a Driver’s Driving Record?

Yes. Both no-fault and at-fault car accidents will appear on the driving records of a driver involved in the accident. Let us say that a negligent driver bumped the rear-end of another driver’s car at a red light and caused the other driver’s bumper to fall. In this situation, the other driver needs to call his car insurer and proceed to file a claim. This will enable him to receive compensation for damage repairs. Since the no-fault driver already made a claim from his car insurance company, the transaction will appear on his driving record.

In most cases, the transaction will be recorded on the driver’s insurance transactions for at least 3 years and a maximum of 5 years. Despite that, the duration will depend from state to state as well as the severity of the accident.

Types of Car Damages a No-Fault Driver can Claim From His Auto Insurance Company

Types of Car Damages a No-Fault Driver can Claim From His Auto Insurance Company

The following are a few of the damages a driver can file a claim for:

  • Wrongful death, especially when the accident caused the death of your loved ones

  • Loss of income, especially if you need to temporarily stop working to allow yourself to recover from the injury

  • Repairs to the damaged car

  • Reimbursement for the driver’s medical expenses and treatments


Car accidents – whether fault or no-fault accidents, might cause so much stress to the driver. In case you get involved in a no-fault accident, you do not have to worry since it will not affect your premium rates. But, if you filed a no-fault claim multiple times, there is a high potential that your car insurance provider will increase your premium from 2 percent to 10 percent. So to avoid any hassle with your car insurer, it is best to keep yourself safe along the road.