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Who Is at Fault in Most Motorcycle Accidents?

Updated: Feb 24, 2022

Motorcycle accidents are one of the common incidents that happen almost every day. The severity of the injuries makes the accident stand out as one of the most devastating. Mostly the results of the accident may cause significant harm to the involved parties.

The injuries may include paralysis, loss of life, head trauma, and loss of limbs. At times, determining who is at fault in a motorcycle accident is challenging. The process may take longer than expected.

It is, however, crucial to determine the member at fault to make sure the victim's damages get compensated. The problem with drivers and passengers is that they are dismissive and judgmental about the incident.

At Powell Law Firm, the motorcycle accident attorneys help in working on the case and solving the problems. This team works diversely to determine the party at fault in a motorcycle accident.

Major causes of motorcycle accidents

Major Causes of Motorcycle Accidents

Usually, the car driver is not at higher risk compared to the rider and the passengers. There are common causes of motorcycle accidents that make the situation risky. The effects of the accident situation are traumatic, risky, and life-threatening. Here are some examples of the common causes of motorcycle accidents.

Inexperienced Motorcyclist

Any individual who qualifies for a driver's license must learn road safety rules. Safe driving involves looking out for other motorcyclists, drivers, and pedestrians on the road. Many careless or inexperienced riders can cause accidents in one way or the other.

Less experienced drivers may not know how to look out for other vehicles on the road. In many cases, inexperienced drivers collide with motorcycles when overtaking.

Head-on Collision Crashes

Head-on collisions where a driver or a motorist hit each other from the front are common. A collision between two motorcycles is, however, more rare when compared to a car and motorbike crash.

Tragically, accidents are often fatal when head-on collisions occur. Even when the car’s driver is at fault, people rush to fault the motorcyclist first. During the accident, the rider may get severely hurt. This is because a motorcycle does not have much protection compared to a car.

Not Following Traffic Rules

One of the most dangerous things that cause accidents today is drivers not following rules. Every driver or motorist on the road should be aware of the traffic laws and regulations. Traffic indicators are a simple and effective way to stay safe on the road.

If a driver fails to abide by the rules, it means that they may hit the motorcyclist. In many cases, a motorcyclist or pedestrians cannot avoid these unexpected situations. Negligence starts by not following the red sign that means to stop or using the turn signal.

Usually, motorcycle riders are good at watching the signals and other drivers. Since they don’t have much protection, they consider using the available tools to make decisions. To reduce the risk of accidents, it is best that every road user carefully follows the traffic rules.

Over Speeding

The faster the vehicle moves, the riskier and more unsafe the situation could be. A motorcyclist should identify a hazard and slow down. Drivers who excessively speed are often the cause of unpreventable accidents.

The accident can, however, be controlled when using the ideal interface to realize an oncoming motorcycle. Drivers should look several ways before legally crossing an intersection.

Harsh Weather Condition

This factor highly affects the motorcyclist's safety. A motorcycle is a two-wheel vehicle that may face several problems when subjected to some harsh weather conditions. Further, a missed or unnoticed bump may lead to a hazardous situation. Missing a bump may damage the motorcycle or injure the rider.

Harsh weather conditions may affect the rider's obstacle visibility on the road. This issue may lead to the rider getting caught by a storm or even freezing weather. The other aspect is where the motorcycle wheels lack traction and slips off, leading to an accident.

Who is at Fault in a Motorcycle Accident Case?

Many car drivers are often at fault in head-on collision accidents. If it's unsafe roads, the government entirely takes the blame. Usually, the liability is measured based on pieces of evidence provided, investigations, and the court's final say. It is also critical for any involved parties to consult a motorcycle accident lawyer from Powell Law Firm on the way forward in case determination. The motorcycle accident lawyers investigate the liable parties involved according to the evidence produced and can get the victim the payout they deserve in their personal injury claims.


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