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When Should You Contact a Lawyer After an Accident?

Updated: Feb 24, 2022

The question of when to contact a St Louis motorcycle accident lawyer after an accident borders on the waiting period before engaging a lawyer. It also looks at the severity of the accident. Often, people involved in the accident move on from the scene quite fast. They tend to settle the matter by themselves. Later, complications arise, which pose challenges to lawyers. Putting up a case about such accidents becomes very complicated.

Unfortunately, most accident victims are not aware of what they should do. What follows is a turn of mistakes, which leads to accepting fault even where it is not the case. Other people move on fast only to realize that they indeed had significant injuries.

So, when should an accident victim contact a lawyer after the accident? A good lawyer, for that matter. Refer to a team of experienced lawyers at Powell Law Firm. Below are details about when it is right to contact a lawyer and what to avoid doing after an accident.

Calling a lawyer after an accident

When to Call a Lawyer

It should be known that not every accident case needs legal representation. However, complex and severe accident cases should have lawyers involved in the soonest time possible. There is a need to start building a case around it. Call a personal injury attorney from Powell Law Firm when the following happens:

  • Accidents without clear fault

  • Crashes or collisions at the construction work zone, protected areas, or school zone

  • Accidents with significant injuries to involved parties such as fatality, paralysis, or broken bones

  • Any crash involving pedestrians, cyclists, cars, or trucks

  • Disagreement with the police report

  • Receiving mixed messages from insurance companies or getting unclear responses to liability concerns

  • Crash involving the uninsured or underinsured driver.

Some small accidents may not require calling an attorney. However, it can prove invaluable to engage a lawyer in such cases. These cases include:

  • Personal injury or to a passenger in your car

  • Complications with insurance limits and dealing with car repairs

  • Significant work missed by the passenger or you

  • Noteworthy property or vehicle damages from minor collisions

When Not to Call a Lawyer

  • No vehicle or property damage or insurance money is enough to cover the damages.

  • No injuries happened to the parties

  • No need to miss work or change lifestyle

  • The insurance company is giving fair compensation

Things to Avoid Doing After Accident

Yes, accidents victims must be aware of what to do after an accident. It is equally crucial that they know what not to do. The risk is too high for parties who rush into consensual agreements not needed at the time of the accident. As soon as the accident happens, avoid making these serious mistakes:

  • Failure to Report the Accident: At times, the temptation to exchange contacts is very high between parties. This act happens, especially when there is the belief that there is no injury. Unfortunately, some accidents cause injuries that take days, weeks, and months to manifest. Avoid rushing into any decision before getting a proper medical and police clearance after the accident. Report the accident as soon as it happens, whether small or big, to get a police report.

  • Accepting Settlement: Some insurance companies are swift and pushy to get a decision going their way. Such firms use a "take it or leave it" tactic to influence accident victims. The offered settlement may not be fair to compensate for the incurred injuries. It is critical to avoid signing any documents of any nature from such insurance firms however much the pressure may be. Instead, reach out to accident attorneys at Powell Law to handle the matter.

  • Accepting Blame: Our human nature is to apologize always when an accident occurs. It is so natural that we do it even when we are not in the wrong. Yet, in accident cases, saying "I'm sorry" is as good as admitting fault for the accident. Yes, it is difficult not to say sorry, especially, if it is deeply rooted in you to always say "sorry" in such circumstances. Whether a person believes they are at fault or partly to blame, they must not admit fault. They should always stay composed and avoid uttering words that may admit fault.


It doesn't matter whether the accident is small or big; report any accident case when it happens. Seek consultation with the right professionals; doctors, police, and lawyers. It is the right time to engage personal injury attorneys like Powell Law Firm to advise.

Extensive consultation serves to help understand the case at hand. Ideally, all accidents need to be reported as soon as they happen. Bottom line, call an attorney as soon as possible.


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