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What is the Average Payout for a Motorcycle Accident?

Updated: Feb 24, 2022

No one wishes to get involved in an accident of any nature during their lifetime. Getting into a motorcycle accident may be unavoidable. The result of the accident may cause emotional, financial, and physical damages. One doesn't have to be at fault to get into an accident. Other factors may cause one to get into an accident.

Several factors contribute to a motorcycle accident, for instance, bike malfunction, another driver, poor conditions, and much more. The risk is imminent for everyone despite the cause of the accident. Most motorcycle accidents result in serious injuries that require time to heal. Accident victims need emotional and physical healing and financial recovery to foot their bills.

Significant compensation is needed to cover the victim's pain and suffering. To get a proper settlement, engage the services of an attorney; Powell Law Firm has plenty of good ones. So, are you aware of the average compensation for a motorcycle accident? Do you know what it entails to get compensated? This article covers all one needs to know to get a proper settlement for a motorcycle accident.

Factors Affecting a Motorcycle Accident Compensation

Factors Affecting a Motorcycle Accident Compensation

There are several things to consider in determining motorcycle accident settlement. Three factors stick out that personal injury attorneys like Powell Law Firm look at; lost wages, pain and suffering, and medical bills.

It is easy to calculate the medical bills and lost wages. All a lawyer needs are the reports of the job wage and medical bills. Conversely, calculating pain and suffering is complicated. A lot of guessing takes center stage on what the victim should get. Personal injury attorneys compare the case with other similar events and look at how bad the injury is to arrive at a figure.

Accident victims may have an entitlement to some other compensations as well. Attorneys may sue for vocational rehabilitation and possible home renovations. Further, there may be a need for home care services. Vehicle modifications in cases of lost limbs may also feature in the case.

Average Motorcycle Accident Verdicts and Settlements

There are no recent figures showing changes in the average motorcycle compensation amount. Thus, the jury relies on the published report by Thomson Reuters to determine cases. The Jury Verdict Research shows an average motorcycle compensation of $73,700. A figure used predominantly between 1999 to 2006.

Yet, other reports show an upward of 90% cases settled before reaching the jury. The finding, then, means the average indemnification may not be a depiction of all settlements. Every case is handled differently as per the existing conditions. Note, though, that the compensation amount depends on the type of sustained injuries and adduced evidence.

The settlements take other various forms by looking at the types of sustained injuries. For instance, soft tissue injuries may range from $2,500 to $20,000, depending on the type of the soft injury. Severe injuries, on the other hand, may cover $70,000 to $185,000. The difference comes from concussions to traumatic brain injuries. In all these cases, give the Powell Law attorney access to all information needed to determine a fair settlement so you can’t be afraid to reject a settlement offer if it isn’t fair.

How Long Does It Take to Settle a Motorcycle Accident Case?

Settling a motorcycle accident case may take a short or long time. Just like other accidents, a lot of time goes into the investigation. Ensure the right attorney, Powell Law Firm attends to the case. The St Louis motorcycle accident lawyers may speed up the case depending on the available details and evidence.

It is not always guaranteed, though, that the case must move with speed. The free lawyer engagement session is enough to shed some light on the possible length of the case. Even so, arriving at a quick settlement is not a guarantee of receiving the money right away.

The lawyers, jury, and insurance company may calculate the settlement later. The case covers accident treatments that are long over. A lot of patience is necessary for the victims after the determination of their case.

Final Take

Motorcycle accidents happen when least expected, with severe results. The journey to recovery and financial compensation is long and tedious at times. Victims need all the support from all involved persons to resume their everyday life.

Since it is not easy to tell the actual compensation amount, engage the attorneys to help. Powell Law Firm has a team of expert personal injury accident attorneys to help. Importantly, practice patience during and after the case before receiving the compensation.


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