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Knowing Road Laws: Can You Ride in the Bed of a Truck in Missouri?

It's not unusual to see people riding in the back of pickup trucks during spring and summer in Missouri. Several people take rides in truck beds, yet many are unaware of Missouri's legal position on the issue.

Auto accident attorneys from Powell Law Firm want to ensure that people know the safety concerns and state rules concerning traveling in truck beds.

State-by-State Case

State-by-State Case

20 states still have no laws governing traveling in truck beds. However, drivers and passengers should ensure they research the legal prerequisites in the remaining states that have regulations.

Is It Legal to Ride in the Bed of a Pickup Truck in Missouri?

Children under 18 years are not allowed to ride in the back of a pickup truck in Missouri. The law also specifies the number of exclusions that pertain to adolescents and small children.

Below are a few circumstances that allow minors to ride in a truck's bed legally:

  • An available mechanism to prevent a passenger from being thrown from the vehicle or falling out.

  • If the car is not operated within the corporate lines of any city, state, or federal highway system.

  • A family-owned truck with insufficient space in the cab for all passengers.

  • When the rider is acting in the course of their job (specifically concerning agricultural activities).

  • The minor is part of a special event such as a parade.

  • If the passenger is helping out in a recreational facility.

Is Riding in the Bed of a Pickup Truck Worth the Risk?

It is undeniable that there have been several tragedies that show how risky it may be to ride in a pickup truck's bed. The risk in most of these incidents increased due to negligence by drivers.

Missouri motorists should put the safety of their passengers first, particularly if they are exposed, such as in a truck bed.

Even when it is acceptable to have passengers in the truck's bed, the driver must be careful. They should also ensure that everyone is seated on the bed's floor.

Drivers that frequently transport people in their truck beds should get a removable truck bed seat. This comes with seat belts that make it safe for the passengers.

Is It Safe to Ride in the Back of a Truck?

It's more likely that people will experience significant injuries in an accident if they carry more passengers than they should. A car is built to protect a specific number of people, especially if the passengers are riding in a truck bed.

If people in the back of trucks don't exceed the passenger limit and sit on the floor, the ride is considered safe.

Risky Business

The caveat that something is not necessarily safe just because it is legal must be kept in mind. This includes sitting in the back of a pickup truck.

Some safety considerations must be made if an individual decides to ride in the back of a vehicle.

One is that truck bed passengers are not protected by interior safety equipment such as seatbelts and airbags. The danger of injury for passengers in a truck's bed is significantly increased in the event of an accident or abrupt stop.

Numerous collisions have resulted in the deaths of passengers traveling in the back of pickup trucks. Joyriding in a truck's bed may seem fun, but it can quickly become dangerous. This is particularly true if the driver is inattentive or driving too fast, endangering the lives of the people inside the bed.

Even though riding in a truck bed can evoke pleasant memories, one should consider the risks before embarking on such trips. The memories created may not be as pleasant as assumed. Several people have lost their limbs or lives in such situations.

Contact Powell Law Firm for More Information

In Missouri, the laws on riding in a truck bed are specific on what is allowed and what is not. Drivers and passengers may deem them needless and ignore them till a tragedy occurs.

Accidents involving passengers in a truck bed can become messy legal cases if these laws are not followed. Contact a truck accident law firm in St Louis MO for legal guidance.

We have experienced auto attorneys to help out drivers and passengers in truck bed cases.

Contact a legal professional for more guidance in specific circumstances such as do you need a dog license in Missouri and do you need to have a rear license plate on a truck in Missouri.

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