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Pet Ownership Laws: Do You Need a Dog License in Missouri?

Pet owners should have licenses for their cats, dogs, and ferrets. This can be acquired at a registered veterinary clinic.

The owner will be alerted if their pet is impounded if they have a license and wear it around their neck.

Pets must always wear this license around their neck. It has information about the animal and its owner should it go missing. The licenses cost $10 per year and $27 for three years.

Anyone who finds or recovers a registered stray animal is urged to find its owner's details and contact them.

What Is a Dog License?

What Is a Dog License?

Every dog owner must acquire a license. The dog needs to be six months old and rabies-vaccinated. When applying for a dog license, the owner must submit documentation from their veterinarian attesting to vaccinations, spaying, and neutering. If the dog has already undergone any of these, the fee is $5; otherwise, it is $10.

Dog licenses are required to ensure that all dogs have up-to-date rabies vaccinations.

Registration & Renewal of a Dog License

After licensing a pet, owners get a numbered tag that the animal must always wear on its collar when outside. Annual renewals are required for pet licenses.

  • A dog license can be acquired at the Missouri City Hall. The owner has to only present the rabies vaccination certificate and other documents.

  • Veterinarians offer pet licenses. Owners can get this at the same time as their pets are being vaccinated.

Registering Animals Vaccinated by a Veterinarian in the City of St. Louis

When a pet is immunized, its owner can request a City registration certificate from their veterinarian. It should be given by the vet.

This is necessary and should always be available, especially when an Animal Care and Control or police officer requests it.

Certificates and tags are not transferable to other pets. They only apply to the animal for which they were issued.

Registering Animals Vaccinated by a Veterinarian Outside of the City of St. Louis

Another person can register a pet on an owner's behalf when they are not around. The person must submit evidence of vaccination and other documents to the City of St. Louis.

When to Vaccinate and Register Pets

Puppies and kittens must have their first rabies vaccination when they are between three and four months old. It is advisable that owners also register them at this time.

New residents have a 30-day waiting period during registration.

Visitors should also show proof of their pet's up-to-date vaccinations even though they are exempted from a registration certificate.

However, they should acquire a dog license if they have to stay in St. Louis for more than 30 days.

Required Vaccinations for Registration

Rabies Vaccination Is Required

The only immunization mandated by city law is for rabies because it poses a massive risk to the public's health.

Most veterinarians provide one or three-year rabies vaccinations. This is why vaccinations and registrations must be updated yearly or every three years.

Additional Vaccinations

More vaccinations are available and can be crucial for keeping pets healthy.

The City's Animal Care and Control division advises pet owners to speak with their veterinarians regarding the different ways to prevent sickness in their animal companions.

What to Expect

A veterinarian sends owners the license registration certificate and tag for their dogs after a rabies vaccination.

Registration at the Animal Care and Control office means the owner gets a registration certificate and tag in a go.

Who Can Vaccinate

Rabies vaccination can only be given by a qualified veterinarian. It will not be accepted as valid if it is not administered by a licensed veterinarian.

Lost Tags or Certificate

When an owner loses the tags or certificate of their pet, they can get a new one at the City Hall or licensed veterinarian.

They only have to present proof of the pet's most recent rabies vaccination. A new one will be issued as a replacement at a $1 fee.

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