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Do You Have to Have a Rear License Plate on a Truck in Missouri?

No explicit law in Missouri requires trucks to have a rear license plate. However, it should be visible for a commercial car to be licensed.

A truck must have one front plate and one rear plate if it weighs more than 12,000 pounds. It must also have a second front license plate on display. Missouri law will penalize the driver if the commercial truck owner fails to display a back plate.

Truck owners who reside in states where the rear license plate is necessary can obtain one for their commercial vehicles. It is vital to verify a state's legislation to discover if a back license plate is compulsory or not.

Can You Put Car Plates on a Truck in Missouri?

Can You Put Car Plates on a Truck in Missouri?

The license plate is given in the state's name when a person buys an automobile in Missouri. Although they are permitted on trucks and motorbikes, these plates are necessary for most vehicle types.

To get a temporary license plate, a vehicle owner should present two documents to Missouri state officials. These are the dealer-signed Missouri Application for Title and License and a current insurance card proving financial responsibility.

The name and policy number of the person who owns the vehicle must be listed on the insurance card. A vehicle's critical statistics must also be confirmed during the application.

Changing license plates is simpler than ever because new cars and trucks don't require safety inspections.

Does Missouri Still Require Vehicle Inspection?

Motorbikes and cars under 10 years old are exempt from state vehicle inspection requirements. Additionally, excluded from inspection requirements are RVs weighing more than 8,500 pounds. Motorcycles are not an exception either, as they are not needed for inspection in Missouri. Costs for vehicle inspections range from $10 to $30. Rechecking is required for vehicles with an accident history.

Every vehicle must pass a safety examination as part of the registration process. Gasoline-powered automobiles must pass emissions tests.

Vehicle owners in Missouri have 30 days to get their cars inspected and registered after purchase. One cannot register their vehicle without passing inspection.

Additionally, St. Louis City residents must undergo an emission inspection.

Safety inspections are not vital for cars weighing below 18,000 pounds, but they are still required before registration.

Missouri safety inspection covers the steering, suspension, brakes, mirrors, wipers, and check engine light.

Are License Plate Covers Illegal in Missouri?

Unlike other states, Missouri has no laws against license plate covers. Vehicle owners can purchase license plate frames to personalize their cars and display a sense of design.

Does Missouri Require Two License Plates?

Trucks in Missouri need two license plates. The state will save $3 million annually thanks to this new law. Some people are against the change, though. The change will make it more challenging for law enforcement to locate fugitives or stolen vehicles.

In the end, the statute won't be altered unless it receives approval from the Missouri Department of Revenue. As a result, it will probably continue to be a contentious topic.

If a truck weighs over 18,000 pounds and is utilized for business, it needs a CDL. The registration cost is determined by its weight and purpose.

A truck needs two license plates to legally travel more than 31 miles.

Missouri mandates a trailer license plate in addition to a truck license plate. The truck's license plate and its size must match. It costs $25 to apply for a Missouri vehicle license plate.

Vehicle owners must provide the Missouri Department of Revenue with two or three documents to get a temporary license plate.

These documents include the original purchase order, two title certificates, and an insurance card. They must also submit evidence of financial responsibility along with the card.

Additionally, the truck should be equipped with an accident-free insurance card. This is significant because Missouri does not mandate new car safety inspections.

For legal guidance regarding Missouri license plates, contact Powell Law Firm, a truck accident law firm in St Louis MO.

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License plate laws in Missouri are essential to both drivers and vehicle owners. A person might have their car impounded if they are not careful with how they display their car registration.

Our experienced auto attorneys are always ready to guide vehicle owners through the license plate laws in the state and other laws such as if you can ride in the bed of the truck.

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