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Can a Cyclist Claim Against a Car?

Updated: Feb 24, 2022

A cyclist can claim against a motorist when an accident takes place and the latter is to blame for this occurring. Most motorists take out an insurance policy that covers their vehicle and third parties when involved in an accident, but cyclists don’t need to have insurance.

It's from this policy where a cyclist typically makes a claim and gains compensation in the event of a collision. This claim can be for compensation regarding damage to property or an injury and its associated costs. These are crucial financial considerations, as some bicycles can cost more than the average car while injuries from such accidents can become life-altering.

In many instances, a cyclist is likely to carry some blame for this accident occurring. Depending on what extent this cyclist is to blame for the collision, a motorist’s liability is bound to be more challenging to establish.

Can cyclists claim a settlement

Can Cyclists Claim A Settlement for Others Driving Carelessly?

The law expects all motorists to ensure they're driving with 'due care and attention.' Additionally, motorists are also required to recognize that cyclists are more vulnerable than those driving motor vehicles should an accident occur.

Careless driving might include a motorist being distracted while using their mobile phone. Otherwise, they might not be paying attention to the road in front of them.

These motorists might be cutting corners, failing to look before pulling out at junctions, overtaking dangerously, driving erratically, or turning corners without indicating. Any motorists partaking in such behavior can result in them colliding with a cyclist, which can lead to these cyclists claiming against the motorist.

What Should Cyclists Do after Colliding with a Vehicle?

When a collision occurs between a motorist and a cyclist, those involved should obtain the information of both parties. In many instances, the party liable for the accident might not want to document this event, which is likely the motorist. However, individuals should try to ensure that they remain on the scene while awaiting the arrival of the police officer.

This police officer is going to prepare the accident report, which typically details how the accident took place, who is responsible, and if any damage or injuries occurred during this time. In the meantime, the cyclist should collect the details of the motorist and any witnesses who saw this collision take place.

Moreover, pictures should be taken of the scene. It’s recommended that these images be taken with the vehicle and the bicycle in the position of the accident. Any damage or injuries should also be clearly documented. This is because it helps those who were injured or suffered damaged property in this collision get the compensation they deserve.

When this claimable event takes place, compensation is generally awarded for damage to property, physical injury, the cost of medical treatment, mental trauma, and the loss of earnings because the injured party needed to take time off of work.

Why Should You Choose Powell Law Firm?

The professionals at Powell Law Firm are determined to offer solid and traditional values that are delivered to clients in a modern and convenient manner. This means that those affected by a bike accident can continue with their life while the Powell Law Firm experts get to work to help individuals gain the compensation they deserve.

The services designed by Powell Law Firm are known for being easy to use and convenient. This is because meetings between clients can be done through email or phone, local medical appointments are made, and documents can be signed online.

All injury attorneys here are incredibly experienced in cyclist injury claims and can help individuals gain the best outcome for their specific case. Moreover, customer service is vital to those working at Powell Law Firm. That’s why clients feel supported and cared for when enlisting in the expert services of a bike accident lawyer at Powell Law Firm.

How Can Powell Law Firm Assist Cyclists Today?

The lawyers at Powell Law Firm have the expertise to help you recover whatever you have lost financially while being injured in a bike accident. Additionally, these experts are there to provide clients with the support they need to get them back on their bikes as quickly as possible with professional medical care.

Rebuilding a cyclist’s confidence after such a collision is one of their primary objectives while also taking the stress out of the claim. Moreover, these attorneys are driven to ensure clients cover everything they are entitled to after being involved in this bike accident.

Contact the experts at Powell Law Firm now and see how they can help today!


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