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How Do I Report a Bike Accident to the Police?

Updated: Feb 24, 2022

Filing a police report after being involved in a bike accident is a crucial part of documenting evidence about how this crash took place. An insurance company is bound to need a copy of the crash report. Additionally, individuals are going to need this documented evidence if they have damaged property or a personal injury claim arising from such an incident occurring.

That’s why it’s always recommended to file a police report after being involved in a bike accident. However, many individuals aren’t aware of how this reporting process is conducted. Everything is listed below to help shed light on this topic. Continue reading to find out more.

The first steps after a cycling accident

The First Steps

Although a person’s main priority after a bike accident should be to take care of their immediate medical needs, certain steps need to be conducted to ensure the police report is accurate. Oftentimes, individuals have to report injuries from an accident to a police officer. From here, this officer responds by making a report.

Cyclists often feel injuries shortly after an accident has taken place even if there aren’t any visible indications. That’s why reporting possible injuries can be vital. If given the opportunity to report on injuries following an accident, the person reporting should gather some basic evidence to give to the police officer who responds to the scene.

An example might be asking the driver of the vehicle to remain at the accident’s scene until the police officer arrives. If this driver isn’t willing to stay at the scene while the police arrive, an individual should gather as much information about the driver and their vehicle as possible. It’s also highly recommended to take photographs of crucial information at the scene.

What Information Should Individuals Ask Drivers?

If the driver is unwilling to remain at the scene, the cyclist can also ask for the name and physical description of the driver, an accurate description of the vehicle (a picture can be taken), the license plate of the car, the vehicle’s position, and the location where this incident occurred. This information will also help if the cyclist decides to sue the person for hitting them on the bike.

However, if the driver is co-operative and willing to remain at the site of the accident, cyclists should ask for the driver’s:

  • Full name, address, and phone number

  • Insurance company name and their policy number

  • Date of birth

  • Vehicle registration information (with the car’s license plate number)

The best way to verify some of this information is to ask the driver for their driver’s license. This is also an item that cyclists should take a picture of. Moreover, individuals involved in a bike accident should talk to any witnesses who saw this crash take place. These cyclists should also ask for the witnesses’ contact information in case this accident gets taken further and it becomes necessary for such witnesses to be contacted.

If pictures were taken of the crash with a phone, it’s best to ensure these images were captured before any vehicle or vehicles moved from the original positions at the time this accident occurred.

Calling a Lawyer

In many instances, it’s always best to contact a lawyer as soon as a cyclist has been involved in a bike accident. This is because a St Louis bike accident attorney can be called to the scene and help individuals through the process of collecting the necessary information and help make this report with a police officer. Moreover, the lawyer can help a cyclist if this case gets taken further and individuals need to claim for a personal injury or damaged property.

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