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Do Cyclists Have to Have Insurance?

Updated: Feb 24, 2022

Many individuals wonder if they need to have insurance to cycle around their neighborhood and build up a sweat. What happens if a cyclist is involved in a collision and they don't have insurance? This is often discussed among cyclists without a true answer coming from these debates. That’s why this article has been established to break down everything and answer the question, 'do cyclists have to have insurance?'

Third party liability insurance for cyclists

Are Cyclists Required to Have Third Party Liability Insurance?

Drivers are often the ones in possession of third-party liability insurance. This pays for any claims made against the driver. In the case where a cyclist is injured or their bicycle is damaged in an accident caused by the driver, this insurance is required to pay the injured party.

In the past, there have been calls for cyclists to be in possession of insurance while also having number plates on their bikes. However, this has been unsuccessful. Many have argued that cyclists shouldn’t be required to take out insurance. This is because the cyclist typically comes off worse in most collisions involving cyclists and other road vehicles. Therefore, it’s up to these cyclists whether they choose to purchase insurance, not the state.

What If a Cyclist Is to Blame for an Accident and Injures a Person or Causes Damage to a Car?

Although cyclists aren't legally required to have any type of third party insurance, some individuals choose to take out a policy. Nonetheless, there are numerous ways for an injured party to make a claim against a cyclist. Such examples include:

Covered Through Home Insurance

Although many cyclists also own a car (that's insured) and have a driver's license, it isn't the responsibility of the car insurer to pay for any damage caused when the cyclist (in possession of car insurance) causes an accident while riding their bike.

Nonetheless, it's sometimes possible for the damaged or injured party to claim on a home insurance policy that this cyclist has. This applies if an accident takes place and the liability is with the cyclist.

However, the damaged or injured party’s ability to make this claim is dependent on the cyclist’s home insurance policy. Yet, many home insurance policies cover third party liability and first party property claims. This first-party liability coverage is for the individual and their property while the former covers these cyclists for claims made against the homeowner or those who reside on this property.

Covered Through a Part of Wider Policies

Even though cyclists aren’t legally required to take out an insurance policy, they have policies available. While most of these policies include third-party coverage, many are focused on covering a cyclist and their property.

Some of the perks of these insurance policies include coverage if a cyclist is forced to cancel a race or a holiday. Moreover, these policies typically cover any damages sustained to a bicycle when traveling on an airplane. Additionally, parties can claim from these policies if a cyclist causes claimable damage or injury to a third party.

Should a Cyclist Take out Third Party Insurance?

Even though cyclists aren't required by law to take out third-party insurance, should they do it anyway? In many instances, this would be a smart decision. For example, if a cyclist causes an accident and other parties are injured or their property is damaged, this cyclist is liable. However, if they have adequate insurance coverage, the insurer would be responsible for dealing with this claim.

Overall, cyclist insurance has the power to protect the policyholder from the monetary effects of claims while also ensuring that the motorist has an assurance of payment for any damages or injuries sustained. If this cyclist is in a poor financial position, the pedestrian or motorist might end up going unpaid unless they hire an injury attorney.

Claims Without an Insurance Policy

Powell Law Firm has the necessary expertise to help clients who have caused claimable injury or damage to a third party and their insurance doesn't cover them. The bike accident attorneys at Powell Law Firm are equipped to manage the cyclist's case and get the best outcome possible. This includes speaking with the injured third party, the insurer, and various other parties. All is done without causing any unnecessary interruption into the cyclist's daily life.

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