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What Are the Chances of Winning a Personal Injury Lawsuit?

Updated: Feb 24, 2022

Many who have suffered an injury due to the negligence of another party wonder if it is worthwhile to pursue legal action.

The probability of winning a personal injury lawsuit, and recovering financial compensation varies greatly depending on several factors. These include the jurisdiction in which the personal injury lawsuit is filed, the circumstances surrounding the accident, the strength of the case, and whether a personal injury lawyer is handling the case can all contribute to the outcome.

Those involved in a personal injury or bodily injury case that was not their fault should contact Powell Law Firm as soon as possible.

Do I need a lawyer to win a lawsuit

Do I Need a Lawyer to Win a Personal Injury Lawsuit?

In general, personal injury complainants who have an attorney representing them from the beginning of the case until the end have a better chance of winning the case than those who represent themselves.

An attorney can enter negotiations with the insurance company on their client’s behalf to reach a satisfactory settlement before going to court.

If an agreement is not reached, a lawyer can help the complainant file a lawsuit against the person who caused the accident. Lawyers continue to work with their clients to settle.

A victim's best bet at getting the compensation they deserve is to contact an experienced personal injury attorney.

Powell Law Firm can help victims throughout the legal process. Its legal team can begin investigating a case right away, and, if necessary, file a claim or lawsuit on a victim's behalf.

Common Personal Injuries That Occur in the United States

Accidents that were caused by negligence, account for 29.2 million emergency room visits every year in the United States. Common injuries include:

  • Slip and fall accidents

  • Injuries incurred as the result of a car accident

  • Animal attacks

  • Burns

  • Motorcycle accidents

Personal injury can have a variety of impacts. These range from large medical bills to physical impairment, anxiety, depression, and challenges to keep a job while recovering from injuries.

The prospect of filing a personal injury lawsuit raises many concerns for many people. Two frequently asked questions by injured persons are whether they have grounds to file a personal injury lawsuit, and what their chances of success are.

Filing and winning a St Louis personal injury claim involves putting together a strong case to support the claims made, and the right to compensation for all damages and injuries. Doing this without the help of a lawyer can be incredibly difficult and lowers the chances of receiving compensation.

What Are the Odds of Success in a Personal Injury Lawsuit?

The chances of success in a personal injury claim are influenced by factors such as how the incident occurred, the evidence available to back up the allegation of fault, and whether a victim has dependable legal representation.

According to the United States Department of Justice, 90 to 95 percent of personal injury claims are settled out of court. Those who make it to trial may have an unfavorable outcome, especially if they attempt to pursue allegations without the assistance of an experienced attorney.

Many who decide to take legal action begin by filing a personal injury claim, which can lead to negotiation on the settlement amount to cover losses and damages incurred, such as medical costs, and lost income.

However, insurance companies often attempt to prolong the claims process because, unlike the average injured claimant, they typically have a wealth of resources to litigate cases. If an insurer is being unfair, and refusing to provide reasonable compensation, filing a personal injury lawsuit may be the best option for receiving that compensation.

Filing a personal injury lawsuit can be a time-consuming process, but it may be worthwhile if the magnitude of losses related to the accident, as well as the conditions that led to an injury, are strong enough to warrant a commitment to receiving compensation.

To Increase the Chances of Winning a Lawsuit Contact Powell Law Firm Today!

Those involved in an accident in St. Louis, Missouri that was not their fault should contact Powell Law Firm for a free consultation. Having an experienced attorney on hand can help victims focus on recovery, and increase their chances of winning a lawsuit.

Powell Law Firm can help reduce paperwork and do all the hard work, so that those injured in an accident can focus their attention on healing.


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