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Who's at Fault in Wide-Turn Accidents in Missouri? Let an Experienced Attorney Guide You

Large commercial vehicles, such as semis with a trailer and tractors, don't make turns within the same radius as smaller vehicles. These trucks have to swing wide before they can complete a right turn.

Usually, this starts from the second lane to the left and not in the right turn lane. Sometimes the wide turn sends the truck into the next traffic lane for oncoming vehicles. These factors make them very risky. This is why truck drivers who make careless wide-turns are responsible for any injuries other road users sustain in an accident that occurs.

Powell Law has experienced truck accident attorneys that can help victims of wide-turn truck accidents to pursue compensation for their injuries.

Contact us at (314) 470-1374 to schedule a free consultation as soon as possible with a truck accident.

What Are Wide-Turn Truck Accidents?

What Are Wide-Turn Truck Accidents?

A wide truck turn describes the maneuver where large trucks occupy an additional lane in traffic to enable safe redirection. This means it has to start from the other side of the road when making an adjacent turn.

To turn right, the truck swings to the left traffic lane before it begins to turn right. Occupying the additional lane provides the necessary space a large truck requires to complete the turn safely.

It is necessary for trucks making wide turns to move into the lane on the other side of their intended direction. However, truck drivers should be cautious when doing this. Wide turns should be done on a four-lane road and avoided as much as possible on a two-lane. This is because of the oncoming traffic they encounter under such circumstances.

A truck driver should make a wide turn only when it is unavoidable. Large commercial vehicles such as tractor-trailers and semi-trucks have a high center of gravity, increasing the possibility of a tip-over or rollover accident.

Truck accidents caused by wide turns often occur when a truck driver attempts to make a right turn within a radius that may be too small for their vehicle. Such semi-truck accidents are dangerous since they often affect others on the road when they fall on them or block their path.

Who Do We Represent in Wide Right Turn Accidents?

Our firm handles different types of wide-turn truck accidents. These include head-on collisions with passenger vehicles, right-squeeze accidents, etc.

When a truck driver attempts a wide turn by getting into the lane of opposing traffic, they risk a head-on collision with any oncoming vehicle. Our attorneys are always ready to represent victims of such head-on wide-turn accidents.

Squeeze-play accidents occur more than head-on collisions. A right-turn squeeze accident occurs when a large truck tries to make a wide-right turn, leaving too much space between it and the right curb. Other vehicles that try to drive through this space fall into the truck's blind spot and might end up under the trailer as the truck driver continues with the turn.

Powell Law also handles claims against truck drivers for poor driving techniques. Negligence is one example that leads to a truck tip-over or rollover.

Common Causes of Wide Turn Accidents

Trucking companies have many workers. These include the driver, the trucking company owner, warehouse administrators, maintenance crews, etc. This creates a complicated web of causes when an accident occurs. However, the most common causes recorded for wide turn accidents are listed below:

  • Truck Driver Fatigue

Driver fatigue is one of the leading causes of truck accidents in Missouri. Several laws exist to limit the number of hours a commercial driver can be on the road without rest. However, many of these drivers repeatedly ignore the rule. They often forego periods assigned for resting to enable them to reach their destinations faster than estimated. These truck drivers may fall asleep behind the wheel or lose concentration due to fatigue, causing a truck crash.

  • Drunk Driving Accidents

Drunk driving is responsible for several truck accidents. A truck driver that ignores the laws against drinking or drug use might cause truck accidents that lead to catastrophic injuries, mostly for passengers in the other vehicle.

  • Brake Failure

Lack of maintenance for trucks is another cause of accidents. It manifests in different ways, including tire blowouts, brake failure, defective turn signals, brake light failure, or other preventable vehicle malfunctions. A truck trailer and a truck rig often have different owners. This is why you need an experienced truck accident attorney to handle such a case on your behalf. These experts know who to hold liable from data they gather at the accident scene.

Contact a Truck Accident Lawyer Immediately

Our firm has truck accident lawyers who understand how insurers try to limit compensation payouts after a tractor-trailer accident. They usually have their agents at the accident scene immediately after it occurs to help them gather evidence to support their case. This is the reason victims should also hire an attorney soon enough to represent them and protect their interests.

At Powell Law, we understand the various causes of truck accidents. We also know the steps to take in building a solid truck accident claim, regardless of how complicated it may seem.

Learn the CDL Turning Rules as a Truck Driver

Every prospective truck driver is supposed to know how to make left-safety and wide-right turns before obtaining a Commercial Driver's License (CDL). The CDL training includes instructions on how the individual can manage spaces when operating a truck. This is supposed to help reduce truck crashes on the road.

To safely execute a right turn, the CDL manual lists the following instructions:

  • The driver should slow down before initiating a turn.

  • The rear of the truck should be close to the curb.

  • When starting the turn the driver should not turn wide to the left.

  • Watch out for oncoming vehicles before moving into the other lane.

  • Make enough room for cars to stop or go by you before making a turn.

  • Never back up the truck during the turn.

The rules for a left safety turn are similar. Here are the only differences:

  • Ensure that the vehicle is at the center of an intersection before beginning the left turn.

  • Use the right-hand lane if there are two turning lanes.

Pursuing Compensation After a Wide Turn Truck Accident

Missouri victims of wide-right turn accidents can contact Powell Law Firm for a free consultation on filing a truck accident lawsuit. Our attorneys can also help them pursue an insurance settlement as compensation for the following:

  • Medical bills incurred during treatment

  • Lost wages due to time spent away from work

  • Property damage

  • Physical pain and emotional distress

  • Disability and disfigurement

  • A reduction in the victim's earning capacity

  • Disrupting the quality of the victim's life

Who Is Liable for a Truck Crash?

Who Is Liable for a Truck Crash?

Determining who is liable in a truck accident is not direct. There are unique circumstances for each situation, and more than one party may be held liable depending on the facts of the case. Sometimes a third party can be responsible for the accident.

A detailed investigation is necessary to help determine who exactly is responsible for a crash. This is the reason victims should let an experienced St. Louis truck accident lawyer handle their case when proving liability.

Responsible parties in a truck accident could include:

  • The commercial truck driver

  • The trucking company leasing the truck and trailer

  • The owner of the truck and trailer

  • The maintenance crew responsible for truck repairs

  • A manufacturer that makes a defective part that is responsible for the accident

What Is Pure Contributory Negligence?

Every truck accident requires a thorough analysis to eliminate the contest between trucking companies and truck drivers concerning who is liable for a wide-turn accident. Some truckers may claim they did everything right in executing a safe turn and try to hold victims responsible for getting in the truck's way.

Under the pure contributory negligence rule, if the victim is found responsible for the accident after investigations, they can be prohibited from getting any compensation for their injuries.

A victim hiring a truck accident attorney gets an expert who can gather as much evidence as possible to prove the truck driver's negligence during the wide turn.

Let Powell Law Handle Your Wide Turn Truck Accident Cases

It is challenging trying to get back on track after a truck accident. The individual's vehicle might be destroyed beyond repair while they deal with medical bills from serious injuries. Victims may even be grieving the loss of a relative or friend who didn't survive the accident.

This is why they need the appropriate legal representation to help them get full and fair compensation for their pain and suffering. We only charge a percentage of whatever we are able to win for our clients. The Powell Law Firm also have attorneys who can answer questions such as, "Who's at fault in Jackknife Accidents in Missouri?" and "Who's at fault in Underride Accidents in Missouri?"

Contact Powell Law at (314) 470-1374 to schedule a free consultation with a truck accident lawyer today.


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