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What Happens When Someone Hits Your Car?

Driving is dangerous. Many things can happen in a matter of seconds, so people need to be prepared in case someone hits their car or if they’re the one hitting another vehicle. That’s because drivers have to pay attention to other vehicles, traffic signals, people, and many other things.

Car crashes are common in the U.S. Considering that, people need to know what to do in case one of those accidents were to happen.

A lot of people have no idea of what happens when someone hits their car. This article covers what people should do in these cases and how to proceed to handle the situation in the best way possible. It’s vital to remember that safety is first, but if the victim is not injured after their car got hit, they should take legal action against the person that hit them.

The Powell Law Firm car accident attorneys in St Louis are ready to help car accident victims whether they need legal assistance or a consultation for a particular case.

If Someone Hits a Parked Car

If Someone Hits a Parked Car

It’s not the same when someone hits a parked car as when they hit one that it’s moving. Both situations may seem similar since the car gets damaged in both, but the things the victim needs to do are slightly different.

The first thing the victim should do when their car gets hit is to ask the other driver all the information possible, which includes their phone number, full name, and license plate. In case the person who hit the vehicle is not at the scene, the victim still needs to find a way to get as much information as possible.

However, doing that is not as difficult as it seems. How can someone who didn’t see anything get information about the person who hit their car? A good way to start would be asking bystanders and any witnesses that could have seen the accident happen. Someone hitting a car is not an event that tends to pass unnoticed.

After getting that information, the victim must write anything down and take as many pictures of the car and the area as possible to make a statement at the closest police precinct. However, they can also call the police to get to the zone.

As soon as the victim tells everything to the police and gets as much evidence as they can, the only step left is to contact their insurance company to tell them what happened. Depending on the company’s policies, it may cover the car damage or not.

Regardless of that, victims can always hire a personal injury attorney to sue the other person. The lawsuit process is not that difficult to go through and lawyers should explain everything to their clients before moving on.

Legal experts at the Powell Law Firm are available to take these kinds of cases, so it’s ideal to contact them when a car crash happens.

If Someone Hits a Car That Was Moving

Logically, the whole thing changes when someone hits a car while it is moving. That’s mainly because the victim is at risk of getting injured, likely with a neck or back injury, or even dying.

The first thing the victim must do after experiencing an accident is to find a safe place to move since staying where the accident happened can worsen the situation. The victim, then, can call 911 and explain everything to the operator. Doing that is especially helpful if someone needs medical attention.

In case the victim is safe and able to move, they can ask the other party for their personal information and take notes of every detail of the accident.

The process after that is similar to the previous case since it’s essential to take pictures and contact the police. However, something that does change is what happens in case the driver or the passenger of the car that was hit gets injured.

Personal injury lawsuits tend to be more severe and expensive than common ones, so that can help pay hospital bills.

It is important to protect your assets if someone is leading a lawsuit against you as well.


Hitting another car is something serious, so no one should take that lightly. Being careful while driving determines if another person gets a severe injury or not, which means it’s everyone’s responsibility to look out for each other.

The Powell Law Firm is ready to take any personal injury or driver’s negligence case, so victims can contact it as soon as they want to receive top-notch legal assistance.


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