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How Much Is a Neck and Back Injury Settlement?

In any given personal injury case, there are too many special factors. To predict a neck and back injury claim’s value, the victim's car accident attorney in St Louis needs to consider commonalities. Lessons from the past cases also play a significant role.

Most of these injuries are common in car accidents. There are, however, other accidents that cause these injuries as well. Neck and back injuries are quite expensive, especially during rehab and recovery sessions.

To get a proper settlement for neck and back injuries, the injury victim needs an attorney. A personal injury lawyer from Powell Law Firm can help with such cases. The attorney is able to build up a strong settlement claim case after reviewing events around the injuries.

How Much Does a Settlement for a Neck and Back Injury Cost?

How Much Does a Settlement for a Neck and Back Injury Cost?

There is no standard amount of settlement for neck and back injuries. The amount someone may get for the injuries depends on various factors. Every case is unique as they come. Settlements of previous cases serve as precedence in determining some current cases.

National statistics give claim settlements for neck and back injuries. It places the nationwide average settlement amount for neck and back injuries at $925,169. Both injuries got a national median payment of $316,000.

The same data gave out two figures to show that claimants can get high or low settlement amounts for similar cases. According to the data, the highest-paid settlement was $71,000,000. A neck and back injury victim who got the lowest settlement amount was paid $1,719. Both high and low neck and back injury claim settlements were because of car accidents.

Neck and back injuries may result from various accidents. Claim settlements for such cases also vary along those lines. Research data covered some payments as below:

Car Accidents. The national average settlement for neck and back injuries resulting from car accidents was $834,686. Both injuries received a mean claim settlement of $285,000.

Slip & Fall Accidents. Slip and fall accident victims who suffered neck and back injuries got a mean settlement of $700,687. Their median amount came to $300,000.

18-Wheeler Accidents. Claim settlements for semi-truck accident-related neck and back injuries averaged $1,527,215. The median payments for both injuries came to $720,000.

Work-related Accidents. Neck and back injuries resulting from work-related accidents had a median settlement of $152,000. Both accidents had an average claim settlement of $148,750.

What Factors Are Considered in Neck and Back Injury Claims?

The Nature and Severity of Injuries

Severe injuries are generally eligible for larger settlements. If someone suffers spinal cord injuries, the treatment can be difficult and expensive. A larger claim settlement is therefore ideal to cover the expenses. Again, the long-term effects of the injuries may influence the amount to be paid.

Cases for minor neck and back injuries are different. Since the medical expenses may be low, the settlement claim may be lower than in a severe case scenario. A good lawyer from the Powell Law Firm can put up a strong case for a higher settlement.

Legal Liability

The burden of proving that the defendant was at fault lies with the injured victim. Should the victim fail to prove this, the settlement amount is likely to go down greatly. Even if the damages are high, the defendant may not provide the right settlement amount to the victim if they have the upper hand in court.

Rather than risk getting nothing at trial, the plaintiff may be inclined to accept the low amount. To avoid such scenarios cropping up, the injury victim should talk to a lawyer from the Powell Law Firm.

Evidence at Hand

Every insurance company has a primary goal of paying nothing on claims or as little as possible. If an insurer feels that the claimant has not enough evidence, it may be unwilling to negotiate. Some may use bad faith practices to avoid the settlement claim.

The Potential of Full Recovery

How likely is the injured victim to recover fully from the injuries? If answered properly, the victim may receive a higher settlement amount. A doctor should prove that the injuries have incapacitated the claimant. If the case is different, the settlement amount may be lower.


As noted from this article, neck and back injury claims have no standard settlement amount. It is important to engage a personal injury attorney to help. In this case, the victims may reach out to attorneys at Powell Law Firm. They look at and consider all factors needed to determine the value of the case at hand. In any case, the attorneys handle negotiations on behalf of the claimant.


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