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What Should I do After a Motorcycle Accident?

Updated: Feb 24, 2022

If one is wondering what to do following a motorcycle accident, there are a few key things they should do to help their personal injury claim. The moments after an incident are vital since they can influence one's legal rights and actions in the future. Following is a list of the six most essential things one should do right away if they have been in a motorcycle accident.

Steps to take after an accident

Step One: Get the Person’s Contact Details

Share information with anybody else involved in the incident once everyone has exited the roadway safely. Obtain each driver's name, phone number, address, insurance details, and license number. Take pictures of the automobiles and take down the license plate numbers, vehicle model and make, and a description of any vehicles that were involved in the crash.

Keep these notes structured because it is easy to mix up one individual's insurer or car with another if there are numerous parties involved.

Step Two: Call the Authorities

To get the police to the crash scene as soon as possible, dial 911. Remember to submit a police report if there has been any damage to the property (above $500). If anybody else involved has been hurt, seek medical help right once.

A police report can help one recover from damage to their bike, clothes, or physical injuries – many of which may not show up for hours or a few days after the accident!

It is critical to inform the police that there was an accident in order to develop a case. The policemen keep their own records of the incident, which they are able to refer to later.

Take note of the names and badge numbers of the police officers who responded. This assists the motorcycle accident lawyer in gathering any additional information required for the claim.

Step Three: Notice all the Surroundings

If someone was critically hurt, documenting the incident may be challenging, but try to remember essential details about the accident. This covers information such as where, when, and how.

Try to remember the accident's location, speed restrictions, road conditions, weather, illumination, and the direction of movement of any vehicles involved.

Make a note of or take a photo of the nearby intersection and mile marker. One is going to be able to come back later to capture and document the sight.

Step Four: Speak to any Witnesses

In any legal case, eyewitnesses to an accident are crucial. If at all feasible, attempt to question everyone who witnessed the incident and write down their impressions on a piece of paper or on a voice recorder on a phone.

Collect as much information as possible while the motorcycle collision is still vivid in the minds of any witnesses.

Make sure to get their contact information in case the victim or their lawyer for their motorcycle accident needs to speak with them later.

Step Five: Do Not Accept Responsibility

When two people collide, it is fairly uncommon for both parties to apologize right afterward. This is a natural aspect of the human condition. If someone is in a startling situation like a motorcycle accident, they might apologize to the other party without even thinking about it.

Frequently, the actual reason for an accident is unknown right after it occurs. Accidents are unsettling, and one may not remember every detail for hours, if not days. One needs to be careful of what they say: remarks made at the site of an accident might have major legal ramifications later on.

Step Six: Contact the Insurance Company

Provide all of the information gathered from witnesses and the incident participants. Remember to never concede fault, even to the insurance agent, as mentioned in step five. Contacting the insurer, like filing police reports, helps document the accident so it may be evaluated later.

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