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What Time of Day Do Most Motorcycle Accidents Happen?

There are many motorcyclists operating different roads, and they’re obviously passionate about doing what they do. Whether using motorcycles for daily transportation, for a weekend joy ride while enjoying the scenery and more, riding motorcycles has become both fun and beneficial. But with the increased number of people riding a motorcycle, the number of accidents involving this vehicle also increased. Aside from the increasing number, you may also be curious and ask what time of day most motorcycle accidents happen?

When Do Motorcycle Accidents Usually Happen?

When Do Motorcycle Accidents Usually Happen?

Motorcycle accidents can actually happen any time of the day. The truth is, you can never really tell when you are safe and not safe on the road. Nevertheless, there are certain times of the day that the risks involved in motorcycle riding increase, so the odds of getting into an accident also radically increase. Though it isn’t always possible to avoid riding a motorcycle during high-risk times of the day, you are still responsible for knowing the dangers and determining the best time to ride your motorcycle safely.

Based on the crash statistics gathered by National Highway Traffic Safety Administration or NHTSA, most fatal accidents involving motorcycles happen on weekend nights, usually between 3 PM and midnight. The risk of getting involved in fatal motorcycle accidents doubles between 3 PM to 9 PM, mostly on weekends. This time is indeed the deadliest and most risky time to ride a motorcycle any day of the week.

Know the Casual Factors Behind Motorcycle Accidents

Know the Casual Factors Behind Motorcycle Accidents

Knowing what time of day most motorcycle accidents happen is not enough. You also need to learn about the causal factors behind motorcycle accidents and understand how these factors contribute to the risks and dangers of driving.

Riding Conditions

Rush hours are not the only risk factors. 3 PM onwards is also the time of the day when the atmosphere cools and the sunset so riding conditions can deteriorate. This time window is also when the fog rolls off the ocean or when snow, rain and mixed precipitation are likely to fall, especially when the asphalt’s temperature seems to change. If motorcycle riders are not prepared for these, they’ll be unable to respond to the changes and might end up losing control of their motorcycle.


The mentioned time above is also the time of the day motorcycle accidents happen since this coincides with the setting of the sun. Aside from operator and speed impairment, decreased visibility is another contributing factor to motorcycle accidents. These are the reasons why riders are always advised to wear bright clothes and leave more space for maneuvering. Riders must use their lights correctly and always assume that car drivers don’t see them.

Rush Hour Traffic

Thousands of individuals hit the road on their way home between 3 PM to 6 PM. This is actually the busiest time of the day for traffic, especially on major highways. More traffic, therefore, means more risks. This can also lead to aggressiveness, poor decision making, dangerous behaviors and frustration, increasing the risk of accidents at this time of the day. If possible, consider changing your commute. Avoid riding, driving, and traveling during rush hour when car or motorcycle accidents occur more frequently.

Driver Impairment

The number of impaired drivers on the road also increased between 3 PM and midnight. The increase remains steady during midnight and starts to decline again. It’s not surprising that the window of time when accidents involving motorcycles coincide with this period of driver impairment. Since this is a common time to drive or ride, you cannot really avoid the road. All you can do is stay visible and vigilant. Being vigilant is a crucial attitude that can save you from dangers. Staying visible is also part of being a responsible driver who knows about the value of road safety.

Get Legal Help from a Qualified Lawyer After an Accident

If you’re involved in a motorcycle accident and got injured, seek legal help from experienced motorcycle accident law offices in St Louis MO specializing in a motorcycle accident. This lawyer can help you handle insurance claims and get the right settlement. He can even support you in court. Contact a lawyer at once for a free consultation and case evaluation. Don’t let yourself be a victim and go on without taking the right action.