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Do Cars or Motorcycles Have More Accidents?

Many individuals are curious and begin asking, “do cars or motorcycles have more accidents?” But before you can get an answer to this, you must know the differences between car and motorcycle accidents. You also need to learn car and motorcycle accident statistics first before you can tell if cars or if motorcycles have more accidents. Upon gaining clearer insights, you’ll be able to figure out which have more accidents between cars and motorcycles. Also, it pays to learn because your knowledge can save you.

The Differences Between Car and Motorcycle Accidents

The Differences Between Car and Motorcycle Accidents

As compared to other vehicle accidents, accidents on motorcycles fall in a different category. Though there are some similarities to car accidents, motorcycle accidents differ because of the risks involved in riding a motorcycle, causes of accidents, liability issues and injuries sustained.

Moreover, motorcycles lack the protection of being shielded and enclosed by the quality and durable metal. In contrast to car drivers, motorcycle drivers face major risks like road hazards such as mud, rocks and debris, less stability and limited visibility to car drivers. Motorcycle accidents often result in injuries and are harder to handle than car accidents.

Some of the important differences are motorcycle drivers usually suffer more permanent and severe injuries because of their vulnerability on the road. Motorcyclists might need financial support to pay for the medical care after brain injury or spinal cord injury considered permanent injuries. Motorcycle accident victims face more challenges in court from jurors who see them as reckless people. Many motorcycle accidents lead to the rider or passenger’s wrongful death.

Car Accident and Motorcycle Statistics

Statistics and studies about motorcycle accidents revealed that deaths in accidents in motorcycles are 30 times higher than car accidents fatalities. Motorcycle accidents often result in a higher percentage of death and injury than the rate of fatalities in car accidents.

Car accident studies and statistics differ from motorcycle accidents, but there is still an increased number of victims in car accidents. Moderate to serious injuries are suffered by car drivers. Some of them sustain fatal or severe injuries.

Being in motorcycle accidents is riskier and more dangerous than in car accidents. Motorcycle riders are 27 times more likely to die than those driving and riding a car, based on some data sources. Some reports also believe that in cars, 13 out of every 100,000 are involved in a severe or fatal accident, but when it comes to motorcycles, the number is 72 per 100,000. For each mile traveled, motorcyclists have higher risks of fatal accidents that are 35 times higher than car drivers.

Reasons Motorcycle Have More Accidents

Reasons Motorcycle Have More Accidents

Riding a motorcycle is more dangerous and prone to accidents than driving a car. Steering capabilities is one of the many reasons why. Statistics also show that motorcycle accidents include common roadside objects such as road markers and street signs.

Just like any type of accidents, alcohol use, speeding, not looking when changing lanes and reckless driving are also known causes of motorcycle accidents. These accidents are more likely to happen when motorcycles are driving distracted, driving under the influence of alcohol, driving aggressively and speeding. These causes are more connected to the driver’s behavior when driving.

Motorcycle accidents happen most of the time and the damages and injuries can be devastating. They say that since cars are enclosed and motorcycles are not, there’s a higher risk of motorcycles suffering from worse effects during an accident than cars.

Seek Help from an Experienced Motorcycle Accident Lawyer If Involved in an Accident

If you’re involved in a motorcycle accident and sustained severe injuries, it’s best to consult an experienced motorcycle accident law office in St Louis MO specializing in motorcycle accident and personal injury cases. This lawyer can help you get the compensation that you deserve. A lot of victims of motorcycle accidents ended up losing their work or suffering from permanent disability. A good lawyer is aware of the personal and medical costs suffered by the victims and their respective families.

Seeking help from a lawyer when accidents happen guarantees that you can have someone to take every step to make sure that you get the right compensation not just for the medical expenses but also for the lost wages, rehabilitation, reconstructive surgery, long-term care needed when needed and suffering and pain. Contact an accident injury lawyer at once for case evaluation.