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Can I Settle Car Damage Without Insurance?

After a car accident, it seems like a no-brainer to call an insurance company to report the damages. However, there are instances when people bruise or bang up their car wrongly or rightly declare the incident to insurance agents, family, and friends. That is the incorrect time to file an automobile insurance claim.

Some individuals might wonder, is telling their car insurer about an automobile accident a good idea?

Well, that all depends on the person's point of view concerning the accident that occurred. Nearly six million vehicle accidents are reported to authorities each year. Most of these accidents are categorized as property damage, meaning there were no fatalities or injuries during the fender bender.

Minor accidents like this occur in residential streets, driveways, and even parking lots all over the nation. In most cases, these incidents are reported to police but not always mentioned to the driver's insurance company. It is okay to do this as long as it is not an unethical case.

How to Settle Without Insurance

How to Settle Without Insurance

● Document the incident and all agreements made

● Record all the details of the driver and vehicles involved in the accident

● Get a police report of any of the other driver's at-fault accidents

● Get multiple quotes for automobile repairs

What to Do in a Minor Car Accident with No Damage

Sometimes, drivers work out an agreement to settle the matter between themselves without filing a claim. The reason for this is to prevent a case from destroying the at-fault driver's insurance premiums over the next few years.

If they do go this route, it can be full of pitfalls, but it makes the whole procedure a less expensive nuisance if done correctly and the settlement process will take less time.

When Not to File an Auto Insurance Claim

There are many reasons not to involve an insurance company in a claim, but the main one is that drivers hope to avoid an increase in their premiums.

It is hard to tell what a claim might do to a premium as the rate may jump depending on the state and insurer. The insurance company might not raise the rates in some cases, but it depends on the provider.

How to Get a Car Fixed After an Automobile Collision Without Insurance

Both parties must be on the same page before proceeding from a fender bender. That way, nobody is confused during the process, and all dealings can be done umbilically. If the other party wants to get their insurance company involved, there is a great chance the driver is going to be notified during the process.

When the other driver does this, it is recommended to let the insurance companies fight it out in court.

The Risk and Benefits of Settling an Accident Without Car Insurance

Some potential risks and benefits need to be considered before filing a claim for a recent automobile accident.


● There are no restrictions on repair shops

● Insurance premiums do not increase

● Do not have to go to trial


● When the other driver is at fault, the person might not get their damages covered

● If the driver is at fault, the other party might sue for repairs, pain, suffering, or medical expenses.

Avoiding Pitfalls

Once settling an agreement privately, the next thing a person should do is document everything.

It is crucial to write down everything so that there is information to back up any claims if something goes wrong. It's important to snap photos of both vehicles before leaving the scene to record damages on the cars.

In most cases, if the damage is not bad, most insurance companies, police, or vehicle accident lawyers do not contact the guilty party. People need to remain vigilant during this process as the other party can easily take advantage of the driver.


Fender benders and minor accidents do not need to be handled by insurance companies or the police. Avoiding the insurance agent and dealing with the case solo can help protect the driver from a premium increase.

It’s important to take time to access the incident before contacting an insurance agent because it might end up being a cheaper solution to settle everything outside of court.


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