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How Long Do Car Accident Settlements Take?

Car accident settlements have no average time as many factors come into play when computing and settling a claim. Each incident is different, and it can take insurance companies and courts a considerable amount of time to resolve the case.

In most instances, it can take an insurance company anywhere from a couple of weeks to several months or years to pay out a car accident settlement. If the person is suffering from extensive injuries or property damage, this could be why the settlement process is lengthy.

Overview of the Car Accident Settlement Process

Overview of the Car Accident Settlement Process

Having a car accident attorney at an individual's side allows them to get help early in a case and get the compensation they deserve. An experienced vehicle accident lawyer knows the details surrounding the settlement process and the evidence needed to win claims. They can help victims recover losses that occurred due to the automobile accident.

Once the lawyer has this information, they can represent the victim in court and fight for their rights.

An individual who has suffered severe injuries should not have to spend stressful phone calls with insurance adjusters. These adjusters are known to manipulate victims into thinking they share fault or are responsible for the accident.

They do this in the hope of reducing the payout amount to the affected party. This practice is entirely unethical and should be reported by anyone who experiences such underhand behavior.

Hiring a Personal Injury Lawyer

In a case like this, a personal injury lawyer can manage the entire process and deal with all the insurance fighting, and the person can recover from their injuries.

The victim must include as much evidence as possible for the attorney as this helps to strengthen the case and retrieve the desired compensation. However, unexpected delays could occur throughout the settlement process, such as waiting for forensics or insurance report results.

Lawyers have no way of knowing what turns and twists the case might take, but they work to produce the best possible outcome for the victim.

The Factors That Dictate the Settlement Process

A settlement process might not be all smooth sailing, and it could last as long as a few months. The following factors could affect the length of a person's settlement proceedings.

Question Liability

Proving negligence and establishing liability is more challenging in some particular car accidents. If the person shared fault with the other party, this could complicate matters in states that use the comparative negligence statute. In these cases, determining liability could make the settlement process longer for all parties involved.

Eye Witness Accounts

If many people have witnessed the incident, it might take the lawyer months to go through all statements and interview the relevant people. It may be tough to coordinate with all witnesses and have them respond at an ideal time.

Recovery Time of the Victims’ Injuries

In case an individual must still receive treatment for their injuries, the total amount of the hospital bills is yet to be determined. Once they have fully recovered, only then do they know the true extent of the damages.

When fully recovered, the victim has a better idea of what to request as fair compensation for loss of income. They might be out of work for an extended period, so waiting until all expenses are accounted for could work in their favor.

In most cases, a car accident attorney prefers not to settle a claim until the victim has finished recovering and all the recoverable damages are known.

Insurance Companies Are in No Rush to Settle

The more notable an accident is, the longer it takes for the court to resolve it.

In 2020, the Insurance Information Institute said: "Over the last two years, both the size of insurance claims and accident rates have dramatically increased."

Insurance companies generally investigate a person's case and try to find any little piece of information to hold against them. Working with an experienced personal injury lawyer who can help communicate with an underhand insurance adjuster is recommended.


The legal professionals at the Powell Law Firm have helped thousands of people over the last 20 years get fair compensation in the event of a car accident. These attorneys are experienced in multiple fields and always provide accessible and appropriate legal advice for the settlement process.


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