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How Long Does It Take to Settle an 18-Wheeler Accident?

Updated: Feb 24, 2022

Car accidents happen regularly everywhere in the world. At times, you may be lucky to get out of the accident scene without any injury. The impact severity varies depending on speed disparity between the involved vehicles. Settling such cases may take a shorter time determining and settling the victims.

Commercial vehicles like an 18-wheeler may have different results. These rigs are heavier than passenger vehicles. The slightest of accidents may turn fatal even at low speeds. Accident claims involving these semi-trucks take longer to settle.

Ideally, the injuries resulting from such accidents are significant. The case poses challenges in arriving at a fair settlement amount. It doesn't present good signs for suits with serious damages. The more severe the lawsuit is, the longer it takes to settle it. It should take longer, though, to get the largest compensation.

So, what should one do to get compensated when they get involved in an 18-wheeler accident? For a start, secure the services of an experienced personal injury lawyer. A team of professional lawyers at Powell Law Firm are good with such cases. Why do such cases take too long to settle? Read on to find out why and how long it takes to settle an 18-wheeler accident case.

Finding and Proving Fault

Finding and Proving Fault is the First Stage

To get maximum compensation, the victim must prove that the 18-wheeler driver was at fault. It can be as simple as looking at the contact point or jumping red lights. On the other hand, it can also be as complex as involving calculations and investigators.

A good truck accident lawyer like one at Powell Law Firm may have to reenact the accident scene. Reenactment experts help in piecing together the case explanations and presentation to a jury. The bottom line is that the victim's lawyer must prove the fault beyond any reasonable doubt.

Remember that the truck owners are fighting back tooth and nail to win the case. Their main aim is to avoid paying any claims of whatever amount. It is not a walk in the park to prove the driver's fault. A client must ensure that their lawyer gets all the needed information. Provide all the details required to demonstrate the liability to win the case.

Better Trial Preparation Leads to Better Payment

Since it takes time to prepare cases for trial, most truck accident lawsuits settle out of court. A good Powell Law Firm lawyer, ready for the court case, makes the lawsuit have a favorable payment. Better preparation includes getting organized and equipped for the several backs and forth.

Casing Against Professionals

A client must come prepared to fight to the end. If the damages are high, the fight is definitely bigger. It, thus, means the case settlement may take a long time to get maximum payment.

The insurance company is going to engage top-notch defense counsel. Ideally, the defense counsel must strive to reduce the amount payable for damages. Pick an attorney from Powell Law Firm, the best for the truck accident, to take the defense counsel head-on.

Prolonged Cases Due to Treatment

In cases of death, damages get determined immediately. Injuries with long-term treatment take time to arrive at the correct compensation. Rehabilitation services also complicate the lawsuit. The case may drag on for a time if the medical treatment takes long. Rushed settlements leave the victim's family with huge bills to settle.

To Win, Start Early

Chances of getting a full settlement rely on starting an early investigation. A victim's case becomes better with more evidence gathered about the wrongful conduct. Often, investigators find more hidden facts with a timely inquest.

Final Take

It is tricky to answer the question of how long does it take to settle an 18-wheeler accident. It may take years, depending on the length of the investigation. The severity of the accident may play a significant role. There are injuries to account for, and the victim may take time to heal. Determining the compensation amount is only possible when the victim is healed fully.

Insurance companies may approach the victim for an out-of-court settlement. The aim is to lower the compensation amount. Considering all these factors, it is not definite how long it may take to settle such cases. However, with good lawyers like Powell Law Firm, any victim is assured of going the full length of the case. Where necessary, the truck accident attorneys can settle for the right compensation.

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