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Do Semi-Truck Accidents Go to Trial?

Updated: Feb 24, 2022

Did you know that any personal injury victim can claim for a trial? Semi-truck accidents are some incidents that cause a lot of damages and injuries. Finding the required justice and settlement from the insurance company may take longer.

Mostly, if the accident involved several parties, it might require a person to produce some evidence. Though some semi-truck cases may be resolved in a settlement process, there are instances that the case proceeds to trial.

By now, an experienced truck accident lawyer from Powell Law Firm may come in hand to help the victim make various decisions. Many semi-truck parties are not aware if the case should end up in trial or not.

Truck accident cases that go to trial

Factors That Make a Semi-Truck Accident Case Go on Trial

Every semi-truck accident case is different. Putting the case on trial requires an understanding of the trial process. Some considerable specifications may be surrounding the case. Some of these factors are:

Injury Severity

When a victim is in severe pain or has injuries, the person needs time to recover. In many cases, semi-truck accidents lead to spine, head, and bodily injuries, where the victim may take longer to recover.

When an individual is going through various body injuries, the victim may take the semi-truck owner to trial. This procedure is to get compensation and to cater to the hospital bills. Many insurance companies do not like paying a large amount of money to the claimant. Since the insurance company may not want to settle with the claimant, the victim may decide to send the semi-truck company to court.

Trucking Company Reputation

At times, the reputation of the semi-truck company may influence the case and lead to no victim compensation. To the company, settlement may seem like unofficial admission and not guilty.

The trucking company has personal injury lawyers that defend the company in court. At the end of the case, the victim may not receive any remittance. The victim needs to contact Powell Law to get an injury lawyer. The lawyer helps in fighting for ideal compensation.

Truck Accident Liability

Normally, when the truck accident is contested, the victim might sue the company. Many court cases take longer, therefore, the involved parties may like to handle the case outside court.

To make sure that the insurance company does not contest for liability, it is ideal for the victim to produce liability evidence upfront. When a victim has a good injury lawyer, the experience is simplified.

The lawyer handles everything including, evidence collection, keeping medical records, truck driver history, and much more. It becomes easy for the lawyer when sending the demand letter to attach the proof of liability. This process is easy unlike extending the case to court.

What Might Happen When Your Semi-Truck Accident Goes to Trial

At times, the idea of a trial is frustrating and daunting. In many court cases, negotiations and settlements take longer. The involved parties may not come to terms in offering a reasonable remittance.

A trial may be the only option to hasten the compensation process from the other party. The victim may not have an option but to take the semi-track owner to trial. As a victim, the only way to get everything done is by looking for a skilled semi-truck accident lawyer from Powell Law.

The team of lawyers helps the victim during the trial process and in filing the necessary paperwork. Working together with a lawyer makes things easy since they argue the case on behalf of the victim. The lawyer guarantees the victim compensation as is entitled.

Many semi-truck accident parties do not like to go to court for trials. They mostly settle the case outside court with an offer. The court case may surely take an eternity to determine, or even get suspended.

In an instance that the semi-truck company gives the victim an adequate settlement, a court case may not be necessary. To some victims, going for a trial helps them move on from the accident tragedy.


Solving a semi-truck accident outside the court enhances confidentiality. The case disclosure may not reach the public unless both parties allow it. Claimants, however, benefit when the settlement happens faster. When a victim has an experienced lawyer from Powell Law Firm, the case settlement may take less than six months.

A semi-truck accident attorney helps in pushing the case to litigation. This process happens in case the victim is still in pain and would like some settlement.


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