• Kenneth Powell

Saint Louis Zoo: Amazing Animals and Experiences

Updated: Feb 24

The Zoo in Saint Louis is a fantastic place to visit. The Zoo has animals from all over the world, and they are constantly adding new exhibits, so there's always something new to see! So whether you're looking for a fun day with your family or want to enjoy some peace out of the city, the Zoo in Saint Louis is sure to please everyone. Learn information about Richmond Heights, MO.

The Saint Louis Zoo is one of the most popular attractions in Missouri. It's a great place to spend time with family and friends, too! This zoo has so many amazing animals and experiences: you'll never get bored here. There are several options for exploring this Zoo: there are guided tours, tram rides, and even an opportunity to take a train around the parking area- that way, you can see all of your favorite exhibits without having to walk forever (even though it will seem like it). To make things easier when planning out how much money you're going to need at the Zoo, they have built phone charging stations where visitors can charge their phones while looking at some fantastic birds or checking out what's new. You can even take a break from being on your phone and look through some of the Zoo's great photo opportunities! There is an excellent flight Cage area where you will see several different birds flying freely around- something that not all zoos have. This Zoo has so many amazing animals, but one of my favorites is watching their orangutans play in an outdoor habitat with plenty to do for them (and us). They also offer educational programs like daily feedings, keeper talks, animal demonstrations, and more. Discover facts about Paranormal Research Society of St. Louis, Missouri.