• Kenneth Powell

Paranormal Research Society of St. Louis, Missouri

Updated: Feb 24

The Paranormal Research Society of St. Louis, Missouri, was founded in 2000 by friends interested in the paranormal and wanted to start investigating it. The Paranormal Research Society has since grown into an organization with over 150 members whose goal is to investigate claims of paranormal activity around the world. Learn more here.

Paranormal research is one of the most controversial topics. Paranormal Research Society in St. Louis, Missouri, has researched countless unexplained phenomena and phenomena since their beginning in 2005. This group uses scientific methods to investigate paranormal experiences on a local scale. They are not just an investigative team but also educators for the public about these seemingly elusive subjects that include UFOs, ghost hunting, cryptids, among many other subtopics within this realm of study. Their primary goal is to bring science into the investigation process and inform all interested parties what they can do at home to experience some unknown event themselves potentially. This Paranormal Research Society in St Louis offers field trips so people can investigate different areas with professional equipment alongside members who have years of experience. Paranormal Research Society in St Louis provides assistance and training for those who want to start their paranormal research group. Learn more about What to Expect at Forest Park in St. Louis, Missouri.