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How Do You Prove You Are Not at Fault in a Car Accident?

Updated: Feb 24, 2022

Car accidents are unfortunate events. Being involved in one can cause you many problems and cost you tons of money. However, everything depends on how much damage the accident caused you and who caused the crash.

If you got injured, the last thing you may be thinking about is filing a lawsuit. Yet, the other person can sue you and tell the authorities you were the one who caused the accident. When that happens, you need to prove you are not at fault.

Doing that is no easy task, though. When someone files a lawsuit against you, you need to file a response and send it to the courthouse. After that, you have to get all the evidence you can to prove the accident wasn’t your fault. That means you have to prove the other person is liable for the accident.

You can only do that with the help of an experienced and qualified St Louis personal injury law office. If you don’t know where to hire one, you can always rely on the Powell Law Firm. We are a team of attorneys ready to help you with any legal process you need to go through. Contact us anytime you need us!

What happens after a car accident?

What Happens After a Car Accident?

Many things can happen after a car accident. If someone got severely injured, the first step is to call an ambulance to help that person. However, even while that happens, people can start thinking about how to benefit from that car crash.

The other person may be thinking about that, so you are at risk of being sued by them. If the lawsuit process goes on and you lose the case, you have to pay them compensation to cover the damage caused by the accident.

If you are the one who decides to sue the other party, you are the one who receives the compensation. However, in both cases, you need to prove the accident wasn’t your fault. To do that, you need to start getting evidence from the start.

Civil trials can be difficult and stressful for some people. That’s because many things are at risk if you end up losing the case. Paying for that compensation can bring you many financial problems. Receiving a maximized settlement can help you address your medical expenses and other bills.

The compensation funds are tax-free.

How Can I Prove a Car Accident Wasn’t My Fault?

Being liable for a car accident means the accident was your fault. The best way to prove you didn’t cause the whole thing is by getting enough evidence to prove the other party is liable for it.

If you weren’t drunk driving, speeding, or driving while suffering from fatigue, you can relax. However, you must follow all the traffic rules. If you did any of the things listed before, you may be liable for the accident. Yet, if it wasn’t your fault, you have nothing to worry about.

Start taking pictures after the accident. Not only pictures of your car, but pictures of the other car and its position. That’s valuable evidence for the case. You can also try to talk to the people who saw the accident happen. They are witnesses who can tell the judge you followed all the traffic rules.

Most lawyers talk to witnesses when car accidents happen. That’s because they can give the judge perspective on what happened and who caused the accident to happen. Security cameras are also essential for the trial. You can hire a lawyer to check if the recordings of a security camera can help you win your case.


Getting evidence is a key part of proving a car accident wasn’t your fault. Remember to always tell the truth to your lawyer and the judge. That’s the only thing you need to do. However, if you feel nervous about a civil trial, you need a St Louis car accident lawyer who can help you throughout the process.

We are the Powell Law Firm, and we can help you understand everything you need to know about car accident lawsuits and how to prove you weren’t at fault. You can get a free consultation on your case by calling us, so don’t hesitate to do it!

You deserve the best help you can get to win your case. Hiring a lawyer who doesn’t help you achieve your goals can make you lose tons of money, so make sure to pay for a qualified attorney.


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