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How to Maximize a Car Accident Settlement

Updated: Feb 24, 2022

Being injured in a car accident in St. Louis can change a person's life in the blink of an eye. They may not be able to return to work for a long time after the incident, and may need to have follow-up treatment, or could even require expensive surgeries.

These expenses can accumulate, and getting the maximum settlement can ensure that the victim and their families are taken care of in the future.

Kenneth Powell is a car accident attorney in St. Louis, ready to handle the legal proceedings of a car accident claim. However, there are things that victims can do to help.

Call 911 immediately after a car accident

Call 911 Immediately After a Car Accident

When involved in a car accident, victims should always call 911, whether they believe they have been injured or not. This is a crucial step in building a claim because the responding officer gathers information about the incident, and all those involved.

The officer then files a police report, which is useful for those who decide to file a claim against the other driver involved. Emergency personnel can evaluate the extent of a victim's injuries and transport them to a hospital should the need arise.

Never leave the accident site before police, and emergency personnel have arrived, as this could cause serious harm to a claim.

Keep Detailed Records of What Happened

A police report is insufficient to support a strong claim. Obtain the contact details, and insurance information from all the drivers who were involved in the accident. It is also important to get witness contact information, and photographs from the accident scene.

It can also help to make a written note of everything that transpired, so no details of the incident are forgotten. Preserving evidence such as dashcam footage can also strengthen a claim.

Never Provide a Recorded Statement to an Insurer

Not speaking directly to the insurance companies involved can also help to maximize a car accident settlement. Never provide a recorded statement to an insurance company unless instructed to do so by an attorney.

One of the reasons for the involvement of an attorney is to interact with the insurance company on the victim's behalf, allowing them to concentrate on recovery.

Follow the Doctor’s Orders

Medical treatment should be complete, and the doctor's orders should be followed, even if a victim feels better. If the doctor prescribes medication or physical therapy for a certain period, victims should follow these recommendations.

Furthermore, not doing so can only harm a claim, resulting in reduced compensation, or no compensation at all.

Avoid Social Media

Posts and accusations made on social media platforms can be accessed by insurance companies and used against the victim. Never post about the incident on social media.

Do not make posts accusing the other driver of the accident, or even admitting partial fault for the accident. Proving fault in an accident can be difficult so posting unrelated content on social media, especially if a victim was seriously injured can cause serious harm to their case.

Communicate With a Lawyer

Victims are advised to provide as much information regarding the accident to their lawyer. This includes photographs, contact information, video footage, a detailed account of the accident, along with any other relevant information.

Providing evidence and giving a factual account of the accident to an attorney can help the attorney better understand what happened and plead the case more effectively.

Victims who have been in a car accident in St. Louis, Missouri should contact Powell Law Firm to handle all legal proceedings.

Do Not Delay in Filing a Claim

After an accident occurs, victims have a limited period to file a claim. A complainant should contact their attorney as soon as possible to get legal counsel and begin the legal proceedings within the allotted time frame.

The time that a victim must file their claim after an accident varies from state to state. Contact car accident lawyers to find out what the time frame for claims in a particular state is.

Car Accident in St. Louis, Missouri? Contact Powell Law Firm

Kenneth Powell and his legal team can help car accident victims claim the compensation they truly deserve. They handle the paperwork, phone calls, emails, and all dealings with insurance companies, so victims can focus on recovery.

Powell Law Firm has decades of experience in handling St Louis personal injury law and can help complainants get the compensation they deserve for all pain and suffering endured.


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