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What Percentage of Cases Settle Before Trial?

Many people wonder how many cases settle before trial because they're afraid their process might last long, or they may be scared of going to trial. This guide offers all the information on the matter.

Why People Might Go to Trial

Why People Might Go to Trial

When someone files for a lawsuit, there's always a chance that negotiations might not work out, which means they would have to go to trial. It can often happen if the client believes the insurance company is not being fair, or if they think the company is purposely acting in bad faith.

Sometimes, the insurance company cannot decide which of the parties is at fault, which is a very common reason for clients to go to trial. Another frequent one is the parties’ inability to be satisfied with the compensation the company proposed.

Even though it sounds daunting, the purpose of going to trial is to make sure that everyone's satisfied with the outcome. At the same time, it's meant to allow the victims to get the fair outcome they deserve.

Therefore, the trial helps both parties present evidence in their favor, which allows experts to determine who is at fault. After that, they can identify the specific amount of money the victim deserves, and that can help them pay for their vehicle repairs, medical bills, lost wages, and so on.

The most important thing about going to trial is to have the knowledge to face what's going to happen. Thus, having a legal expert is vital if the client wants to guarantee the best results possible, and best car accident attorneys in St Louis at Powell Law Firm are ready to help them and guide them through the process.

What Happens in a Car Accident Trial?

A car accident trial often involves different steps, and the victim should understand them before starting the process. Additionally, they must ensure they have the best professional help by their side, so hiring attorneys at Powell Law Firm is a fantastic idea.

Firstly, experts must select the jury. After that, the parties involved can know the date of the trial and start preparing everything they need to do before it.

Once the day of the trial arrives, both parties must prepare their opening statements, which are a pivotal part of the process. They serve to help each party present an argument to support why they're right.

Both parties must present their case, and then, they have to give closing statements, which include a recap of the case and more arguments to support one side or the other.

The jury must evaluate the arguments on both sides and decide who's at fault, and how much they need to pay the victim. Even though it's nerve-inducing for many clients, it doesn't take longer than a few days, so they don't have to wait for too much time.

How Many Cases Go to Trial?

There is no specific number, but approximately 95% of all car accident cases settle before going to trial. Therefore, victims might not have to worry about the process at all, especially if they're relying on an experienced attorney such as the experts at Powell Law Firm to get a fair settlement.

The lawyer's goal is to ensure victims get fair compensation, but they don't want to lengthen the process. Many times, the lawyer will advise the victim not to accept the first settlement offer. On the contrary – if a client is going through pain, they might want to ensure they get the amount of money they deserve as soon as possible, especially because they need it to pay for medical bills and other expenses.

When someone is in a car accident, they might be scared of hiring an attorney and filing a lawsuit because they believe they may go to trial. Although that's a possibility, it completely depends on the case, and in many instances, that doesn't happen.

Overall, the lawyer has the experience and knowledge to handle the victim's case and ensure they get a fair outcome soon, particularly in cases where the clients are in pain. Thus, all people need to do is trust the professionals at Powell Law Firm.


Asking “what percentage of cases settle before trial?” is a very clever question since clients often want to understand the process they're going through. However, not all cases have to go to trial, and it completely depends on the person.

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