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How Much Does a Lawyer Get Out of a Settlement?

Each car accident is entirely different, and lawyers understand this, which is why fees can vary immensely from one client to another. However, there are some general rules to answer the question “how much does a lawyer get out of a settlement?” and this guide covers the basic points all victims must keep in mind, especially if they want to understand every detail about their process.

Contingency Fees

Contingency Fees

In many cases, lawyers ask for contingency fees when clients want to hire them. Therefore, they may not charge the entire amount of money until the case finishes, in which case the percentage that they get would depend on how much the client receives.

Contingency fees are very convenient for a lot of clients, especially if they're on a budget. Being in a car accident is an immensely challenging and stressful situation, so many clients have a hard time trying to organize their expenses.

Fortunately, lawyers might be able to offer contingency fees, in which case the client wouldn’t have to pay everything at once. Instead, they can relax, follow the attorney's suggestions on the case, and pay them once they accept the settlement offer.

Fees and Expenses that People Must Pay Upfront

Although some lawyers ask for contingency fees, others require people to pay upfront. It depends on the state, on the case, on the attorney offering the services, and on many other factors.

A lawyer, for example, could ask for money upfront if there is not much evidence to support the claim. Therefore, if they believe the case's outcome is not going to be phenomenal, they may want the client to pay them beforehand.

However, the previously mentioned example is not the only situation where that could happen. Sometimes the lawyer must do a certain amount of paperwork that requires payments, so they may need the client to pay money upfront to deal with the expenses. It usually depends on if the case is going to settle or go to trial.

Hiring a knowledgeable lawyer is the most important thing to do when someone wants the best outcomes possible. Therefore, regardless of whether they ask for contingency fees or not, the client must ensure they get great help. The best car accident attorney in St Louis at Powell Law Firm is ready to guide people through their process!

Maximum Percentage that Lawyers Get

There is not a specific sum of money that lawyers get out of a settlement. Instead, there's a maximum percentage they might earn, which means they could get different amounts of money depending on the case they're handling.

Lawyers might get up to 33.3% of the total settlement of any personal injury claim, but they might take less, and it occurs on many occasions. If the two parties agree differently before the courtroom claim, they might get a lot less money.

Regardless of the percentage the lawyer gets, their duty is to negotiate with the client and ensure that the paperwork they're signing includes everything. Thus, the client can always go back to it and even ask why the expenses are so low or high.

Other Costs People Must Keep in Mind

Many lawsuits include additional costs the client must keep in mind. Overall, the process can be very costly. Nonetheless, in the end, it might help the victims heal, which is why it's so important to go through it despite the challenges that it implies.

Some paperwork such as medical bills, reports, filing fees, and services from expert witnesses, might increase the costs of a lawsuit. Regardless of any arrangement the client did with the lawyer (including contingency fees), the costs are going to be added to the final sum they must pay.

In many cases, people believe the lawyer's fees are high. However, they should keep in mind that they're the professionals responsible to ensure that the client gets the money they deserve from the insurance company after the traumatic accident they went through. Experts at Powell Law Firm, for example, are prepared to passionately defend victims’ cases.


Victims often wonder “how much does a lawyer get out of a settlement?” since they're worried about the amount of money they have to pay. Nonetheless, the specific sum depends on many factors, so contacting the experts at Powell Law Firm is the best way to get more information and ensure knowledgeable professionals defend the case.

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