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Determining Fault | Car Accident Left Turn with Reputable Attorneys

Making a left-hand turn is among one of the most dangerous aspects of driving. It’s imperative for drivers to know when to make a left turn to avoid serious car accidents and injuries. Drivers involved in a left-turn car accident should hire personal injury car accident attorneys from Powell Law Firm in Saint Louis, Missouri. The experts are better positioned to determine who was at fault.

In most cases, the driver who made the left turn is usually at fault, but different left-turn car accidents are unique. Therefore, to better understand left turn car accidents, it’s essential to talk to an expert knowledgeable about such cases. People may schedule a free case evaluation with Powell Law Firm in Saint Louis, Missouri.

Why Are Left Turns Dangerous?

Why Are Left Turns Dangerous?

Left turns are dangerous since a driver needs to make several judgment calls at first pace. The various judgment calls include: how fast oncoming traffic is, the amount of time left for the traffic light to change from green to yellow then to red, plus if other drivers are driving safely and following traffic rules.

Making a left-hand turn is more a mental than a physical task, so when a driver turning left is intoxicated, distracted, and tired, they can cause an accident. Moreover, left turns require drivers to cross over to another traffic lane, which can disturb the flow of traffic. Turning left makes drivers have a limited view of all traffic lanes.

Additionally, the driver turning left is usually at an accelerated speed, which is dangerous for other drivers. It also requires the driver to make a left signal, which some drivers don’t do. The process also needs drivers to watch out for other drivers in three different directions.

Who Is at Fault in a Left Turn Accident?

Most states need drivers making left turns to understand oncoming traffic. They should only make a left turn when the road is free and clear of traffic or other obstacles that can cause accidents. If the driver fails to yield to oncoming traffic and makes a turn regardless, this said driver will be at fault in the case of a collision.

Drivers who find themselves in car accidents due to making a left turn are usually at fault for the accident by law.

Left Turn Driver Not at Fault

Some circumstances can make the driver who made the left turn to be considered not at fault for the accident. These situations are rare but can happen. The following are some of the circumstances:

Driving Through a Stop Sign and Traffic Lights

This happens when the other driver collides with the left turn driver due to driving through stop signs and traffic lights. Here, the driver who made the left turn is not liable for this accident. A good example is when a left-turning driver makes a left turn assuming that other oncoming traffic will follow traffic rules but an oncoming vehicle does not. Here, the left-turn driver may not be at fault.


Another situation that can deem a left-turning driver not at fault is when they make a left turn in an area with a speed limit but oncoming traffic is driving over the speed limit. If a left-turn accident occurs, then the left-turning driver may not be at fault in this case.

Reckless Driving

Left-turn accidents can occur, and the driver who made the left turn will not be liable for the accident when they presumed that everything was fine. Still, an oncoming vehicle comes speeding and not following road traffic laws out of nowhere. The driver who was recklessly driving will be liable for this left-hand turn accident.

Unforeseen Circumstances

If unforeseen circumstances occur, a left-hand turn driver may not be liable for left-turn accidents. An animal may make its way to the road making the left-turning driver to slow down or stop, which in turn causes a left-turn accident. Here, the left-turning driver may not be liable for the collision.

Making a Left-Hand Turn Effectively

To avoid left turn car accidents, it's essential to know how to make a left turn properly. Here are steps left-hand turning drivers need to keep in mind.

  • Turn the signal at 100 feet before reaching the area where the driver wants to make a left turn so that an oncoming driver can see it clearly.

  • Stop the car behind the stop sign limit.

  • Look left, right, then left again to be sure there are no oncoming traffic and obstacles on the road.

  • While turning, don’t try to cut a corner where oncoming traffic is.

Personal Injury Claim

Personal Injury Claim

If the other drivers involved in the accident have serious injuries and damages, they may seek compensation. Attorneys will have a free case evaluation before anything commences. They’ll let the victim outline their needs by looking at how the accident impacts their overall well-being.

Overall, they would then sit down with the insurance company of the left-turn driver to see if they can agree on a settlement. If they don’t, the case moves to court. The lawyer will gather information to prove that the victim's claim holds water. If the court finds the claims to be accurate, the insurance company of the left-turn driver will compensate the victim. (Find out if someone can sue you for a car accident if you have insurance)

Involved in a Left Turn Collision? Contact Powell Law Firm in Saint Louis, Missouri

A driver involved in a left turn collision should first determine who is at fault. If the left-hand turn driver is at fault and is evident to both the traffic police and the other driver, there’s not much the driver can do to fight it.

However, if the driver who made the left turn isn’t at fault, they must contact car accidents attorneys at Powell Law Firm in Saint Louis, Missouri, right after the car crash to help prove that the accident was not at fault. They may talk to a personal injury attorney who can outline what options are there in terms of making settlements to the victim of the accident.

Proving that the left turn did not cause the accident is difficult but not impossible. Experienced St Louis vehicle accident lawyers can help establish the driver's innocence. Our lawyers can also help if you are concerned about suing a minor for a car accident.