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Can Someone Sue You for a Car Accident If You Have Insurance?

Having insurance is not complete protection from lawsuits from the injured victims seeking compensation for damages. Certain situations can leave a party vulnerable to lawsuits; a person who caused the accident fails to report the accident, for example. This is even more severe if the injured party sustained serious injuries.

However, the insurance company can offer a defense attorney for the lawsuit. In such cases, it is better first to schedule a free consultation with Powell Law Firm in Saint Louis, Missouri, to know the defendant's options. The experts will conduct a free case evaluation and give honest feedback.

What Circumstances Can Make the Injured Party Sue?

What Circumstances Can Make the Injured Party Sue?

The driver’s insurance company will cater to certain car accident expenses. If a person does not have car insurance, they’ll be solely responsible for the damages after a car accident- the accident and expenses for the other driver. (Find out what to do if you get in a car accident without insurance but you are not at fault)

Moreover, the injured driver can still bring forth a personal injury lawsuit for a fair settlement. Here are reasons why the other driver can sue the at-fault driver:

  • The at-fault driver failed to report the car accident.

  • An insurance coverage was not enough to cover medical bills and other damages like lost income.

  • The other driver sustained serious injuries.

  • A dispute arose over the liability coverage.

  • The insurance company disagreed with the claimant about the value of the injuries.

All these factors are dependent on the driver’s insurance company; most of them wouldn’t want a lawsuit and will avoid them at all costs.

Failing to Report a Car Accident

People involved in any serious car accident must report it to the police. Assessing the severity of a car accident at the accident scene can be difficult. Therefore, it's wise to report any car accident. Accident reporting also applies to a person’s insurance company. Telling them about a car accident ensures a driver evades problems later.

Part of the deal that an insurer makes with a car insurance company is that they will keep the client in the loop when a car accident occurs. When a car insurance company is not informed earlier on, they won’t feel obligated to pay for the expenses, making the insurer vulnerable to lawsuits from the injured party.

Insufficient Insurance Policy Coverage and Serious Injuries

These factors go hand in hand with serious injuries and require bigger insurance coverage. Serious injuries can make the medical bills skyrocket, which will force the injured party to seek a huge amount of car accident claims.

The amount the victim may be going for is above the coverage an insurance agency can pay. This can make the victim seek further compensation from a lawsuit to compensate for the losses and damages.

Liability Disputes

Most car accidents claims are settled outside the court of law. There, however, are instances where the claimant and the auto insurance agency can disagree on the fair settlement. This can make the claimant seek other means (car accident lawsuit) of getting what they think is rightfully theirs. When a personal injury case goes to court, the jury can sometimes make a verdict on the subject.

Car Accident Claim

A claimant seeking fair settlement may want to sue the at-fault driver for damage and losses. First, they’ll seek services from proficient personal injury lawyers at Powell Law Firm in Saint Louis, Missouri.

The car accident lawyer will gather the information to prove the accident claim to be true. They’ll use the evidence the claimant took at the accident scene, their medical reports and bills, police reports, and records of what the other driver’s insurance company reiterated.

All this information provided will help lawyers to prove the claim. Moreover, accident lawyers know state laws and are experienced in practice. They’ll help the claimant get a fair settlement keeping in mind their needs since they are top-notch negotiators. Victims may find personal injury lawyers from Powell Law Firm in Saint Louis, Missouri, and get the best services.

What Type of Compensation Is Paid for in an Accident Claim?

What Type of Compensation Is Paid for in an Accident Claim?

The car accident claim seeks to compensate all areas the claimant may be affected by the accident. Generally, the at-fault driver will be susceptible to pay for the damages that the insurance company failed to cover. The claim can pay for the following losses and damages:

Pain and Suffering

These are general phrases describing the pain and emotional trauma experienced due to the vehicle accident during the accident and recovery period.

Medical Bills

The claimant gets reimbursement for all medical expenses related to the accident. They may include physical therapy, surgery, and pain medication, among other expenses.

Lost Income

It’s only fair that the claimant gets compensated for the time they couldn’t make it to work because they were nursing an injury. The claimant lost income during that time and therefore needs their money back. They also look at future income if the accident made the claimant have a serious injury that makes it impossible to work. It’s important to put an amount that can give a claimant a safety net for future income.

Punitive Damages

This type of compensation is very rare in an auto accident claim. The compensation is given to the claimant if the other driver's action was irresponsible. A good example to describe punitive damages is when a driver was drunk driving. Therefore, punitive damages are awarded to ensure that the irresponsible driver does not repeat such reckless or careless behavior.

Work with Reputed Car Accident Lawyers

The best way to get the needed outcome in a car accident claim is to work with reputed lawyers from Powell Law Firm in Saint Louis, Missouri.

They have the right knowledge, experience, and skills to make the claimant get a fair settlement process. Finding experts that uphold superior attorney-client relationships is pretty hard. A passionate St Louis vehicle accident attorney will go the extra mile to ensure that clients get what they truly deserve. The experts are honest with their clients highlighting everything that can make or break a case.

People may reach out to personal injury lawyers from Powell Law Firm in Saint Louis, Missouri, to schedule a free consultation. They can handle all types of cases, including determining fault in a car accident that involved a left turn.