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Is Driving Without Insurance Illegal in Missouri? Powell Law Firm Has the Answer

One of the first things a driver learns is the importance of having up-to-date motor vehicle insurance. The only slight complication is the fact that each state seems to have its own specific laws when it comes to insurance.

While this may not be a problem to those born and bred in that state, anyone who has recently relocated may find themselves unwittingly on the wrong side of the law.

This is why accidents involving at least one driver without proper insurance are quite common in Missouri. Victims of such circumstances should call the Powell Law Firm for assistance if they hope to recover any damages and be compensated for their losses. A lawyer can also help them understand what is considered total loss in Missouri.

Why Do People Drive Without Insurance?

Why Do People Drive Without Insurance?

There are many reasons that people give for being caught driving without insurance. Most of these are undoubtedly just attempts to get out of trouble, but the following are some of the common reasons:

  • They Can’t Afford It

Insurance is quite expensive throughout the entire country, Missouri included. When most people are faced with the choice between paying other essential expenses such as rent or medical bills, they would choose those rather than paying for their motor vehicle insurance.

  • Ignorance

As mentioned earlier, it is quite common for people from outside the state to be unfamiliar with the specific laws in Missouri regarding motor vehicle insurance.

  • Depending on the Other Driver’s Insurance

There is a tendency by some drivers to simply assume that in the event of a crash, it is the other driver who will be found to be at fault, and therefore, is forced to cover all the damages. However, this is not always the case because sometimes the law may find that both drivers were partially at fault.

  • They Would Rather Pay the Fine

When drivers look at the total amount of money they would have to pay for, say one year’s premiums, they may decide that it works out a lot cheaper to just pay the fine whenever they get caught without insurance. Fines can be very expensive, though, and in the event of an accident, the costs will skyrocket.

Cost of Insurance in Missouri

The cost of insurance in Missouri depends on the type of coverage one requires. On average, the prices range from around $468 per year for minimum coverage to $1,661for comprehensive coverage.

Driving Without Insurance is Illegal in Missouri

The law is quite specific on the issue of insurance requirements, stating that it is illegal for anyone to drive a car in Missouri without motor vehicle liability insurance. Furthermore, the driver is required to provide proof of insurance when requested by law enforcement officers or risk being issued a ticket.

Missouri Penalties for Driving Without Insurance

Penalties for driving without proper insurance in Missouri can be quite severe. Depending on whether it is a first-time offense or not, drivers face paying a fine, license suspension, jail time, or all of the above.

Here are the penalties that drivers should be wary of:

  • First-time offenders will be supervised for some time and are required to pay $20 for license reinstatement

  • If it’s the second offense within two years the reinstatement fee rises to $200 and the driver’s license is suspended for up to 90 days

  • Third-time offenders face a fine of $400 and will have their license and vehicle number plates confiscated for 12 months

These penalties, while being significant, are nothing compared to what the driver would face if they were to be involved in an accident for which they fail to pay damages due to a lack of insurance. In such cases, their driving privileges will not be reinstated until they have paid off all the required fines and damages. For help reinstating a license, contact the motor vehicle accident attorneys in St Louis at Powell Law Firm.

Does the At-fault Driver Not Have Insurance? Call Powell Law Firm

Drivers who find themselves the victims of road accidents caused by uninsured motorists face a tough time when it comes to getting their car fixed or replaced, and receiving the damages they are entitled to. That is why it is also important to know how to get a copy of your Missouri accident report so you have a detailed account of what took place.

The best thing to do in such a scenario is to call one of the experienced attorneys at Powell Law Firm immediately. Proper legal representation may be the only avenue to receive fair compensation in as little time as possible.


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