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How Do I Get a Copy of My Missouri Accident Report?

The first responding officer to any accident in Missouri can provide information on how to get a copy of the accident report. It is crucial for people involved in accidents and their attorneys to receive the police report following an accident since it could serve as evidence in filing a personal injury claim.

How to Obtain a Copy of the Missouri Accident Report

How to Obtain a Copy of the Missouri Accident Report

Accident reports are available electronically or through the mail. It takes up to three days from the accident's time before requesting the report from the State Highway Patrol.

The Missouri Police Department of the area would provide a copy of the report if the accident happened before March 1, 2012. Anyone can ask for a copy by going to the front desk at the headquarters or requesting it by mail. To speed up the request, people can pay a $2 fee along with the report number.

When making the request to get a copy of the accident:

  • Mail-in requests should be sent to the local Highway Patrol Troop headquarters.

  • Walk-in requests should be sent to the district station.

  • The check should be payable to the city where the accident occurred.

If a St Louis MO automobile accident lawyer is handling a personal injury case, they will get a copy of the accident report for the victim from the Missouri State Highway Patrol's Patrol Records Division.

People can contact the police department or visit their website for information on how to get copies of accident records for car accidents investigated by local law enforcement organizations.

Address of Missouri State Highway Patrol's Patrol Records Division

Missouri State Highway Patrol,

Patrol Records Division,

Post Office Boxes 568,

Jefferson City, MO 65102.

How to Obtain a Copy of a Missouri Incident Report

Anyone can fill out an information request form to get a copy of their incident report. They can print and manually fill out the online form in PDF format or just pick one up at the local Highway Patrol Troop headquarters. Each report will be subject to a $2 cost.

All report requests will be expedited as quickly as possible, usually three to 10 business days after receiving them. Occasionally, requests could take up to 30 days. Giving them all the essential information is best to help process the request faster. The request information should include:

  • Report number

  • Date and time of the incident

  • Location of the incident

  • Type of incident (theft, vandalism, etc.)

  • Full names of all the parties involved

What Happens If There Is an Error or Disagreement with an Accident Report?

Accident reports do not always accurately describe how an accident happened. These reports occasionally include factual errors (such as the accident's location or the type of car) or just incorrect opinions.

Anyone who receives a ticket for breaking a traffic law may dispute it with the investigating officer. The best course of action in this situation is to write down the version of what happened at the earliest after the accident with all the correct information.

It is exceptionally rare for an investigating officer to revise the information in an accident report after it becomes public. However, remember that insurance firms frequently carry out their own investigations. You can learn about how soon should you inform your insurance company of an accident.

The insurance company considers other types of evidence besides an accident report to assess a claim. Insurance adjusters or an attorney may discover other evidence, like video, photographs, or eyewitness testimony, and be used to refute the information contained in an accident report.

Why Do People Require a Missouri Crash Report?

A Missouri crash report is the official report of the accident. The report is used to determine the following:

  • Fair compensation in a personal injury case

  • How the insurance company handles the accident case

  • Treating the injuries in the accident

  • Contact information of the driver

  • Whether the accident was a cause of traffic violation

It is important to carry the Missouri crash report when going to the insurance or lawyer’s office as evidence to determine the next course of action.

A court may not allow some material from a car accident report. However, the insurance provider might assume responsibility and settle the claim if the police officer issued a citation to one of the drivers and determined that the driver was at fault. Even if the insurance provider contests the information on the accident report, the attorney can still use it to their advantage while investigating an accident.


It is wise to get a copy of the Missouri accident report even if there are no serious damages. This will help store all the necessary information that might be useful in the future if any lawsuit comes up.


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