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How Old Do You Have to Be to Get a Motorcycle License in Missouri?

To be able to ride a motorcycle on public roads in Missouri, people have to obtain a valid license. Furthermore, all minors and first-time drivers must comply with other additional requirements under the state law, including getting an instruction permit and attending driving courses.

But how old do drivers have to be to get a license? And what other conditions do they have to meet? Here is what every future motorcyclist needs to know.

Missouri Motorcycle License Laws

Missouri Motorcycle License Laws

Anyone aged 15 ½ (or 15 years and 182 days) can apply for a motorcycle license in the state of Missouri. That is the legal age minimum a driver must meet before seeking a permit.

However, different rules apply for those under 16 and those between 16 and 18 years of age.

Drivers Under 16

Anyone between the ages of 15 ½ and 16 can apply for a so-called motorcycle instruction permit. To do so, they must also show proof that they completed a Motorcycle Rider Training Course.

This course covers essentials a rider must know before going out on the road, including risk awareness, motorcycle controls, street strategies, etc. In addition to in-classroom training, teenagers also need to participate in outdoor range exercises. They give learners a chance to get hands-on experience in a safe and controlled environment.

If they want to apply for the course, teenagers have to come with a parent or legal guardian who has to give their permission. Otherwise, they will not be allowed to enroll. Apart from that, prospective drivers have to pass written tests (F and M), a vision screening, and a road sign test.

Finally, they have to pay a $9.25 fee. Once they do, they receive an F (basic) driving permit with an M (motorcycle driver) endorsement. These licenses come with particular restrictions.

For one, drivers can only be on the road during daylight. In addition, they can't carry passengers, go more than 50 miles away from their home, or drive without a competent guardian. This license is, thus, a learning one. It provides young motorcycle drivers with the possibility of learning how to drive with supervision.

Instruction permits are valid for 6 months. Afterward, teenagers can apply for an intermediate license.

Drivers Between 16 and 18

The motorcycle training course is not required for those older than 16. They only have to pass the vision screening and road sign test, as well as the class M exam, just like all motorcyclists. The fee for the intermediate M license is $7.

If the applicant does not have a basic license (F), they have to pass the written test to get it. Only then can they apply for a motorcycle (M) permit.

There are no restrictions for this type of driving permit. Riders should only make sure that they have it on them whenever they are on the road.

Drivers Over 18

Only people over 18 can get a full class M driver's license. To acquire them, they will have to pass the written F and M class exams, if they have not already. In addition, they must pass the vision and road sign tests for the same classes.

Since these permits are valid for longer periods, they also cost more. Riders have to pay $13.50 for a 3-year M license or $27 for a 6-year one.

More Riding Requirements

Under The Graduated Driver License (GDL) law, all drivers under the age of 18 must fulfill certain conditions to be able to get a full M license. For example, they have to hold their intermediate license for at least 6 months after receiving it.

In addition, they must not have any alcohol-related convictions in the prior year or traffic violations in the past 6 months before applying. Finally, they have to go through at least 40 hours of supervised driving with a qualified guardian. Only then can they go out on the road by themselves.

Novice riders must meet all of these requirements to apply for a full license. If they do not, they need to wait to become eligible. For example, that can happen when enough time after a conviction passes or when they acquire enough supervised driving hours.

Other than following the license requirements, it is also important to determine if a motorcycle needs a safety inspection in Missouri. It is also important to have turn signals on a motorcycle in Missouri, which is one of the things that will be checked.

If you encounter any questions or issues with getting a motorcycle license, you may seek the legal aid of motorcycle accident attorneys in St Louis MO.

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