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How Do I Get Trucking Authority in Missouri?

Most drivers already know that getting a trucking authority can be very intimidating. And, with so much conflicting information available online, it’s hard to remember all the steps they need to follow. Drivers will require attention to detail, start-up cash, and enough time to complete all the necessary paperwork. This article will help aspiring truck drivers get their trucking authority by going through the process step-by-step. But first, let’s see why trucking authorities are necessary.

Why Do People Need Trucking Authority?

Why Do People Need Trucking Authority?

Drivers who own an operating authority are legally allowed to haul freight and get paid as their own trucking company. Commonly, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration is the one that issues the authority as a Motor Carrier number.

Vehicle owners need to keep in mind that there are many types of trucking authority depending on the kind of cargo a person wants to carry. In fact, drivers might need multiple permits to cover different types of cargo. Thus, drivers need to make sure they apply for the relevant authority relevant to their business.

Which Carriers Don’t Need Trucking Authority?

There are a few categories of drivers that don’t need a trucking authority:

● Drivers that carry their own freight.

● Carries operating exclusively within commercial zones that don’t follow interstate authority rules.

● For-hire carriers that only haul federally unregulated cargo.

Trucking Authority Prerequisites

Before applying for trucking authority, drivers need to meet certain criteria:

File their business: Some states, including Missouri, require drivers to register their business first. However, carriers should first discuss with an accountant how they are going to organize their operational and financial success.

Have an EIN: Drivers need to visit the IRS website and get their own Employer Identification Number, which they’ll use for tax purposes.

Get preapproved for cargo insurance and primary liability: When applying for trucking authority, drivers will need to submit proof of insurance. However, to avoid wasting precious time waiting for approval, drivers need to make sure they get their insurance pre-approved before starting the process.

Get an MC number: Drivers need to apply at the FMCSA website in order to get their MC number.

How to Get Trucking Authority in Missouri?

First, truckers need to complete the BOC-3, OP-1, or OP-1(P) form, and then pay the application fee of $300. Furthermore, drivers will need a tax ID number, truck information such as year, VIN, and weight, license plate information, and incorporation details. After completing the Safety Certification Application and MCS-150, drivers will receive their USDOT Number.

It’s important to mention that there is a 10-business day dispute period starting after the driver posts their application to the Federal Register. During it, anyone could protest the authority. After the dispute period, drivers will need to present their proof of insurance and the BOC-3 form. Finally, the FMCSA will send a letter informing them if they passed or failed. In cases of renewed authority, the FMCSA will notify drivers if everything checks out.

Additional Permits and Registrations

After getting their USDOT and MC numbers, drivers can apply for additional permits that give them more rights and make driving around the country easier. Such include:

Secure a UCR Permit

The Unified Carrier Registration system replaces the former system for registering and collecting fees from the operators of vehicles that engage in interstate travel. Drivers need to use their MC and USDOT numbers to apply for Unified Carrier Registration. The UCR also regularly checks insurance coverage in the state that the driver operates in.

Pay the HVUT

The Heavy Vehicle Use Tax is a tax heavy vehicles need to pay in order to operate on public highways. This is a mandatory tax and prerequisite for drivers to join the IRP.

Register for IRP

The International Registration Plan is an agreement between 48 states that allow drivers to transport cargo between them under federal law authority.

Get an IFTA Account

The International Fuel Tax Agreement simplifies fuel tax collection. In other words, drivers can travel between jurisdictions and only have to pay one fuel tax return every quarter to their base jurisdiction.

Take Part in a Substance Testing Program

Last but not least, the FMCS and DOT require all carriers to have a negative drug test before driving or hiring drivers. That’s why people should enroll in an alcohol and drug testing program before hauling any cargo. It’s also important to note that supervisors of commercial drivers need to undergo controlled substance training. Additionally, business owners need to designate an employee representative with authorization to suspend employees if they can’t pass an alcohol or drug test.

Other than those mentioned above, find out if a vehicle inspection is needed in Missouri.

Final Thoughts

Overall, it’s easy to see why so many people consider the process of getting trucking authority so overwhelming. Not only do drivers need to file a variety of paperwork, but they also need to wait a considerable amount of time before getting their hands on the MC and USDOT numbers.

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