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Is Full Coverage on A Motorcycle Worth It?

No one would want to be involved in an accident and suffer from damages and losses, but accidents happen, and they can strike anyone. If you want full protection, you need to invest in motorcycle insurance and get full coverage as much as possible. Insurance for motorcycles is equally important as car insurance since motorcycles also face as many risks as the latter. Motorcycle owners should therefore not think twice and be hesitant when it comes to getting protection coverage. There are options available, and one of these is full coverage. Now, you might ask, “Is Full Coverage on A Motorcycle Worth It.”

You might think that full coverage is more for big accidents or theft than the smaller stuff but getting full coverage is still worth it. Adding full coverage means more protection on the road. Unlike other policies with minimum coverage amounts required, full coverage insurance can cover more. If you encounter an accident, like somebody not looking when lane changing, and do not have the right insurance coverage, you might end up paying for bodily injury or property damages claims out of pocket.

Furthermore, if your motorcycle costs over $5000 or is a custom or classic ride, you seriously need to consider getting the full coverage. For bikes with this value, high premiums for the comprehensive and collision coverage are fully justified considering the potential losses.

What Full Coverage Motorcycle Insurance Usually Cover?

What Full Coverage Motorcycle Insurance Usually Cover?

You can tell if insurance coverage is worth it if you know that it covers or includes. It’s only then that you can somehow realize and appreciate its value more. Full coverage motorcycle insurance includes replacement if your bike is stolen or repairs if damaged. This coverage also covers the damages you might cause in a motorcycle accident. Full coverage insurance is an excellent way of protecting yourself and your bike, but this is often more expensive than other types of coverage offered.

The following are usually covered by full coverage motorcycle insurance:

Bodily Injury & Property Damage Liability

This covers damages you might cause to motorists in an accident as well as their property. The bodily injury and property damage is a coverage that is required for riders in numerous states. Even though this is sometimes not required, buying a policy that includes reliable liability coverage for the protection of your assets, especially if you’re at fault, is highly recommended.

Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist Coverage

This type covers the losses you might experience in the accident caused by a driver who’s not insured at all or lacks liability insurance. There are two types of UM/UIM coverage, namely property damage and bodily injury, that function similarly as liability insurance.

The UM/UIM bodily injury coverage usually pays for the medical bills if you’re injured by a motorist who lacks enough bodily injury limits to cover the bills or a driver with no insurance at all. The property damage insurance usually covers damages to the bike caused by the motorist without enough liability limits for property damage.

Personal Injury Protection or PIP

This insurance pays for your medical bills and your lost wages because of the injury suffered from the accident, regardless of who’s at fault. Since Personal Injury Protection is no-fault coverage, expect that your medical bills will be settled quicker than that with liability insurance, wherein the insurer just pays out when the party at fault was determined.

Cost of Full Coverage Motorcycle Insurance

Cost of Full Coverage Motorcycle Insurance

While rates of insurance depend on several factors, including the make and model of motorcycle and driving record, full coverage motorcycle insurance is often more expensive than basic policies with liability insurance only. Investing in full coverage may be costlier, but considering the level of protection you can get, it’s all worth it. You might be spending more for full coverage, but the benefits you can get make your purchase justifiable.

If you are planning to purchase motorcycle insurance, choose an agency that offers the insurance that will best suit your needs. Such an agency provides an option that will give you guaranteed protection against damages and loss. If the time comes that you’ll be involved in an accident after purchasing your motorcycle, contact an experienced motorcycle accident law firm in St Louis MO before you speak with an insurance adjuster or before you sign anything. Regardless of the injury, the objective is the same, and it’s to leave you in the best possible position and ready to go on with your life.

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