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Do I Need to Declare Accident on Motorcycle Insurance?

Accidents can hit you when you are least expecting, and, in some instances, it might not be your fault. The thought of being in an accident regardless of what vehicle you’re using is unbearable; however, this is something that you need to consider seriously. Motorcycle accidents are common these days, and the devastating effects can never be underestimated.

Aside from the damages to the vehicles involved in the accident and properties, motorcycle accidents can lead to a worst-case scenario such as death. It would be best to protect yourself from these unpleasant effects, and one way of getting the required protection is motorcycle insurance.

What’s Motorcycle Insurance?

What’s Motorcycle Insurance?

Motorcycle insurance protects you against financial liabilities if you’re involved in an accident while riding your motorcycle. This insurance can also pay for damages to your bike. The extent of assistance relies on the level of coverage you choose and the circumstances of the accident. The motorcycle insurance that you will buy depends on your bike and its value. Whether you want full coverage for personal injuries in case you’re involved in an accident or the level of protection you need for your belongings, motorcycle insurance can be of great help.

It’s essential to have motorcycle insurance for your protection on the road. This insurance can cover replacement costs, repairs, hospital or medical bills for people injured in the accident, and the cost to fix property damage. Standard motorcycle insurance policies may also include property damage liability and bodily injury insurance. Moreover, there is a long list of possible optional coverages like collision and comprehensive insurance, and more.

However, accidents are inevitable, and if you get involved in a mishap, you might end up asking yourself, “Do I need to declare an accident on motorcycle insurance?”

Do You Really Need to Declare Accidents on Motorcycle Insurance?

Do You Really Need to Declare Accidents on Motorcycle Insurance?

Many individuals have come across the same question and are eager to know if they really need to declare accidents on motorcycle insurance. If a motorcycle accident happens, you must declare and inform your insurer about it. You must also tell about the claims you have been involved in regardless of the blame or if a claim was made in any vehicle aside from motorcycles.

If you fail to report and declare an accident on motorcycle insurance, you might face a legal penalty. If you exchange details and do not report the accident, know that your insurance company might have the legal right to refuse to cover the damages that will be discovered later.

Compelling Reasons to Declare Accident on Motorcycle Insurance

If you still keep asking yourself, “Do I need to declare an accident on motorcycle insurance?” you better stop now. Declaring an accident is something that you should do, and here are the reasons why:

Declaring an Accident Protects You

A minor accident may not be a severe problem. Few scratches and minor fender benders seem manageable, and no extensive repairs might be needed. If you exchange information with the other driver, you might think you’re out of the woods, and others will assume that’s the end of it. This must not be the case.

You can discover damages to your vehicle later, and this might be more serious than what you initially estimated. Your vehicle might also need repairs with a cost that’s beyond what you can settle or afford to pay. This is the reason why you need to declare an accident on motorcycle insurance no matter what. Doing so will protect you. Prompt reporting also shows that you are prepared for any further damages.

You Might Need to File a Claim

Exchanging information is essential, but declaring the accident and filing a report is more important. Realize that if you just exchange information, you have minimal evidence to substantiate your damages claims. This can come back and haunt you, so make sure to contact your insurance company and declare the accident. It would be best to contact them while you’re still at the scene of the accident so they can review the situation and the damages well.

Reporting or Declaring an Accident is Required in Most States

You need to declare an accident because it’s a requirement in most states. Reporting the accident to your insurance company is necessary because it is usually the law. In terms of accidents, regardless of the extent, it’s best to be safe and protected than sorry. So, contact your insurer at once. It’s better to face an insurance claim on file than face the worst damages in the future.

Regardless of what the insurance agent says, take time to talk to St Louis motorbike accident attorneys about your case. An experienced lawyer can help you recover damages you’re entitled to and take legal action accordingly.